NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, October 2012
How to Share Your List of Apps for your iPhone and iPad
By Hewie Poplock, APCUG Director; VP,
Central Florida Computer Society
Hewie's Views & Reviews

I want to share a list of the Apps I have downloaded and installed on my iPhone and iPad. I can find such a list in iTunes under Library/Apps. However, there is no way to save or print that list. I can also see my apps on the iPad by going to the Apps Store app and looking at "Purchased," but again, there is no way to have a list to share.

I did some searching and did not find any help. Someone should write an app for that. I still use iTunes to sync, so iTunes does maintain a folder with all of the apps that I use. It is stored in C:\Users\[your Windows User Name]\Music\iTunes\Mobile Applications. I had to go to a dark, well hidden area in my brain to recall some old DOS commands to quickly create a list.

Here is how I did it. Click the Windows Start Button and type in "cmd" and hit Enter. This opens a DOS window. At the command prompt, type the following line, but substitute your Window's user name where indicated.

cd C:\Users\[your Windows User Name]\Music\iTunes\Mobile Applications

Note the space immediately after "cd".

This will change the folder. If you type "dir," you should get a directory listing, which includes all of your apps. Once you know that you have the information, at the command line, type "dir>app.txt" and a file will be created with your list. You can now copy that file, "app.txt" anywhere to print, share, or edit.

I went one step farther. I made a copy of the file and then edited out everything but the list. I then opened Excel and told it to open the edited text file. It placed all of the info in columns. I deleted all of the columns except the file names and saved it. I now have a file with a list of just the app names that I have downloaded for my iPhone and iPad. It sounds more complicated that it actually is. I am not sure how this would work if you are using the cloud for your syncing.

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