The Bedlam Cube Puzzle has 13 pieces constructed of small cubes
These pieces can be used to build a 4 by 4 by 4 cube

For this exceise the pieces are numbered in hex as

Below is display to enable you to construct the Bedlam Cube

Assume the squares represent levels 1 2 3 4 from left to right

Since the leftmost square represtents level 1 you can start construction by placing piece 8 and 4 to match the pattern on this square. Positioned correct you have the top and most of the left and right sides of the bottom level. -- note a cube of 8 and one cube of 4 will be sticking up -- they are part of the 2nd level as shown in the 2nd square.

Now pick up piece 9, rotate it so it can occupy 4 spaces on level 1. Working with piece C rotate it to cover two cells of Level 1 and cover the two of 2 cells of piece 9

There are now two empty cells in level 1. These can be filled with pieces 1 and D, but you should look at the square representing level 2 for the correct orintation.

Now that you have finished level 1 and most of level 2 you can continue to 3 and 4. You are going to have to think a little bit, but the grid above you can continue to complete the cube.

Below are 12 more construction patterns shown without the fancy grid lines. Hope you will find them enjoyable.