Software Programs

ACT for Windows*, Contact Software
APL Notes v4.0*, Jim Weigang
Accountant, Swift
Address Book Plus*, Power Up
Adobe PhotoShop 2.5
Aldus Pagemaker 5.0
Alpha 4 *, Alpha Software
Alpha 4 v1.0*, Alpha Software
Amazon*, Access Software Inc
American Heritage Dict*, Word Science
AntiVirus, Dr Solomons's
Auto Insight*, Informative Graphics
AutoWorks*, Software Marketing
Automap for windows*,
Automap*, Automap Inc
B.A.B.Y.*, Software Marketing
Back-it 4 v4.0*, Gazell
Bass Tour*, Personal Companion
Battery Watch Pro*, Traveling Software
Battery Watch v2.00A*, Traveling
Battery Watch*, Traveling software
Body Works v3.0*, Software Marketing
Check Ordering Kit*, Amer Check Printers
Chess Master 3000*, Software Toolworks
ClasiFile v1.0*, Soft Logic Solutions
Clean Sweep v3.0, Quarter Deck
CleanSweep unstaller*, Quarterdeck
Co/Session*, Triton
Cobra Dead CD-ROM*, Viacom
CodeGuard for C++ v4.5*, Borland
CommWorks for windows*, Traveling
ComputerWorks*, Software Marketing
Corel Draw v4.0 w/3 CD-ROMs*, Corel
Crossties*, Crossties Software
Design CAD 3D*, Am Small Business
Design CAD 95*, Autodesk Inc
DesignCAD 2D for Win*, American
DesignSym, Am Small Business Comp
Disk Clone, Quarterdeck
Disk Optimizer Tools*, Soft Logic
Drafix Cad For Win v1.1*, Forsight Res
Drive Copy v3.0, PowerQuest
Drive Copy*, Powerquest
Drive Image*, PowerQuest
Easy Family Tree*
Echo Lake*, Delrina Comp Software
Express Publisher v2.0*, Power Up
F-117A NightHawk*, Micro Prose
FBMCAT Program disk*, & catalog disk
Fidelit On line eXpert*, Meca Software
First Aid W/3.1*, Cybermedia
First Aid for W/95 CD-ROM*, Cybermedia
First Aid for Windows*, Cybermedia
Flower Gardening*, Expert Software
FlyBy Network board*, Cross Intl Corp
FormWizzard, Virtual Reality
FrontPage //WWW w/95, Microsoft
Generic CADD*, Autodisk Inc
Geoworks Esemble v1.0*, Geoworks
Ghosts'N Goblins*, Capcom USA
Goldmine v4.0*, Software Corp
Harvard Graphics v2.30*, Software Pub
Hi Jack v2.01*, Inset Systems
Holy Bible King James Ver*, S'ware Mkt
Home Series v2.0*, Autodesk Inc
HomeEssentials 97 w/95*, Microsoft
Instant Estimator w/95*, ViaGrafix
JumpStar Action Game*, Steve Pavlina
Key Notes Handbook v1.0*, Dig Learn
LIFEgift*, MADJIM Corp
Lands of Lore*, Westwood Studios
Lantastic Network*,
Laplink III*, Traveling Software
Laplink Pro IV*, Traveling Software
Laplink V v5.0 (2nd copy)*, Traveling
Laplink V v5.0*, Traveling Software
Laplink for W/95, Traveling Software
Laser Point Collection*, Laser Point
Last Resort*, Working Software
Life Form*, Fitnesof
Links 386 Pro*, Access Software Inc
Linux 5.2, Machjllas
Lost & Found, Power Quest
Lotus ScreenCam v2.0 /windows*, Lotus
Lotus Smart Suite, Lotus
MS Plus Companion, Micro Soft
MS-DOS 6.20*, Microsoft
Managing Your Money*, Mecha
Math Challenge*, Brighter Child
McAfee Office 2000, McAfee
Microphone II /Win v1.1*, S'ware Ventures
Microsoft Plus Intro
More PC Tools*, Central Point
Muppet Reading II*, Henson Inter
Muppet Reading*, Henson Interactive
Navcom 6*, Celery Software
New Vision Spreadsheet*, New Vision
Norton -Your Eyes Only*, Symantec
Norton AntiVirus W/95 only*, Symantec
Norton CleanSweep, Symantec
Norton Navigator W/95 only, Symantec
Norton Utilities W/95 V2.0, Symantec
Norton Utilities W/95 only*, Symantec
OS/2 WARP w/windows*, IBM Corp
OS/2 WARP*, IBM Corp
OS/2 v2.1*, IBM Corp
Oil Change, McAfee
Outside / In v2.0*, Systems Compat
Outside /In windows*, Systems Compat
PC 911*, Cybermedia
PC DOS v7 w/stacker*, IBM Corp
PC Tools Delux v6.0*, Central Point
PC Tools for DOS v8.0*, Central Point
PC Tools for Windows*, Central Point
PT Boat simulator*, Alliance
PaintShop Pro v5, Jasc
Partion Magic 5, PowerQuest
Partion Magic v3.0*, Power Quest
Partition Magic 4.0, Power Quest
Partition Magic OS/2 & DOS*, PowerQuest
Pebble Beach Champ Course*, Access Soft
PerForm*, Delrina
Perform Pro Plus, Delrina
PharmAssist*, Software Marketing
Photo Draw 2000 V6, Microsoft
PhotoRecall Delux 2.0*, G&A Imaging
Power Launcher For Windows*, HDC Computer
Power Translator, Global Link
ProCom Plus Windows*, Datastorm Corp
Procom Plus, Datastorm
Professional Designer 3D, Am Small Bus
Q-dos 3 v3.0*, Gazelle
Quattro Pro v2.0*, Borland
QuickLink Gold*, Smith Micro Inc
Quicken Companion*, Intuit Corp
Quicken for Windows*, Intuit Corp
Reading Challenge*, Bright Child
Reflux "The Becomming"*, Inverse Ink
Revolution Expense Account*, Revolution
Roller Coaster Rumble*, HiTech Exp
Seawolf CD-ROM*, Electronic Arts
Second Chance v2.0, PowerQuest
Sideways v3.3*, Funk Software
Smartcom BBS Dialer*, Hayes
Software Carousel v5.0*, Soft Logic
SpellCatcher*, Casady & Green
Sports Works*, Software Marketing
Stacker v4 DOS+OS/2*, Stac Corp
Super Show and Tell*, Ask Me Media
Task Management*, Metz
Tax Saver 99*, MicroSoft
Tax Saver, MicroSoft
Tetrus Classic*, Spectrum HoloByte
Textra v8.0*, Ann Arbor Software
The Norton Backup v1.2*, Symantec
Treasure Quest*, Sirius Publishing
Turbo C++ v2.0*, Borland
Turbo Pascal Pro W/obj v6.0*, Borland
Turbo Pascal w/Objects v7.0*, Borland
TurboTax*, Quicken
U.S. Atlas v2.0*, Software Tool
UFO for windows*, Software Marketing
UnInstaller w/95 NT*, CyberMedia
Under A Killing Moon*, Access Software
VGA Dimmer /Win v1.1*, Rev S'ware
VGA Dimmer v1.1*, Revolution Software
Viru Safe v4.5*, Xtree Company
Virus Cure*, International Micro
Virus Scan, McAfee
Visual C++ on CD-ROM*, Microsoft
Visual dBASE*, Borland
Voice Express, Lemont&Havspie
WarCraft CD-ROM*, Blizard Pub
Web Store w/95*, MAFEE
Windows Latest & Greatest*, Software
Windows NT Workstation*, MS
Windws 95 Secrets Gold*, IDG books
Word Perfect 6.1 DOS*, Novell
Word Perfect Suite*, Correll
WordScan Plus*, Calera
World Atlas, Software Toolworks
Writers Tool Kit v1.0*, System Compat
Xtree Gold v2.5*, Xtree Company
ZodiacSigns*, Software Marketing Corp
pcANYWHERE-32 W/95*, Symantec

Computer Books

1-2-3 for Windows *
Advanced Assembly Language w/disk *
Assembly Language *
Assembly Language for PC w/disk *
Batch Files and Beyond w/disk *
Build Unix Internet Server w/CD *
C Programming Language *
Clipper Programming Guide, Microtrend *
Computer Virus *
Computer Virus Crisis *
Computer Virus, Worms Etc, McAfee *
Computing Book of Tips, PC Novice
Crash Course Excell/95, Murach *
Crash Course Excell/97, Murach *
Crash Course Win/95 NT 4.0, Murach *
Crash Course Word/95, Murach *
Crash Course Word/97, Murach *
Crash Course in Windows 95, Murach *
Documentation for Hard Drive helper v4.0 *
Double Your Brain Power*, Prentice Hall
Dr. Batch File's Ultimate w/disk *
Dvorak's Inside Track DOS PC *
Easy Windows 3.1, Que *
Excell 5 for Windows, Prima Computer *
Field Guide to The Internet /w95 *
Fix Your Own PC, MIS Press
Harvard Graphics Design *
How to back up your PC *
Idiots Guide to Word, Alpha Books
Internet Complete Reference, Osborne
Internet Exp 4 Tech*, MicorSoft
Internet for Dummies, IDG
Intro to Flowcharting, Cashman *
Learning dBASE IV, Cashman *
Least you need to know Lotus 1-2-3 *
Least you need to know about DOS *
Least you need to kown WordPerfect *
MS Windows 3.11 Quick Ref, DDC *
Macros, Menues & Miracles Lotus 1-2-3 *
Make $ with your Computer *
Memory Management for Dummies *
Modems for Dummies, IDG
Multimedia & CD-ROMS for Dummies*
Multimedia Madness!, Sams *
Object Oriented Dev C++ w/2 disks *
Office 97 for Dummies*, IDG
Office 97 for Dummies, IDG
Only DOS book you'll ever need *
PC Video Madness, Sams *
PKZIP Documentation *
Peter Nortons Dos Guide
Quicken v4.0 users guide *
Sams Teach Yourself Office 97
Stop Stealing Sheep *
TCP/IP for Dummies*, IDG
The Internet, Sybex
The PC-SIG Encyclopedia *
The Whole Internet Users Guide *
Trouble Shooting, PC Novice
Try It -- ASP Shareware Catalog *
Ultimate DOS Prog Manual, Mueller & Wang *
Understanding Expert Systems*, Waite
Understanding dBASE IV, Simpson *
Unique Innovative Computalator *
Using Eudora, Que
Using Internet 2ed, Que
Using Internet in your Job *
Using Netscape, Que *
Using Procom Plus /windows, QUE *
Using WordPerfect in Job Search *
Visual Basic /windows, Peter Norton *
Windows 3 Quick Reference, Que *
Windows 3.1 Demystified *
Windows 3.1 Multimedia, Que *
Windows 3.1 Visual Learning Guide *
Windows 95 for Dummies, IDG
Windows 95, Prima
Windows 98 Annoyances, O'Reilly *
Windows Batch File Prog w/disk *
Windows Word & Excell Office *
Windows3 Power Tools, LeBond Group *
Word Perfect 6.0, Alpha Books *
Word for Dummies, IDG Books *
Word for Win 95, Mike Murac *
Word for Windows*, Cobb Group
WordPerfect 6, NRP *


3-D Explorer USA*, DeLorme
Ace Ventura*
Adobe Acrobat CD Sampler*, Adobe
Adobe Graphics Sampler*, Adobe
Adobe PostScript Products*, Adobe
Adobe Type Library*, Adobe
BlackHawk for Windows 95, Walnut Creek
Bookshelf'95*, Microsoft
Butterfly for Windows, Walnut Creek
Cica Win95 & 3.1, Walnut Creek
Cica for Windows, Walnut Creek
Circa Win/NT, Walnut Creek
Circa Windows, Walnut Creek
Claris Trial Software*, Claris
Corel Draw V5 -- 2 disks*, Corel Corp
Corel Professional Photos*, Corel Corp
Corel Ventura*, Corel Corp
DataKeeper v3*, Powerquest
Direct PC*
Elec Entertainment Aug*
Elec Entertainment Jul*
Elec Entertainment May*
Elec Entertainment Sep*
Entertainment Sampler*
Explore Your World*, Discover
Greetings 2.0*
Grolliers Encyclopedia, Grolliers
Home Publishing*, Microsoft
Home Publishing, Microsoft
Hyperglot Language demo*, Hyperglot
IPA-NET*, Win 3.1 or Win 95
Indiana Jones*
Just Add OS/2 WARP*, IBM
Learn Windows 95*, Micorsoft
Learning Corel Draw*, JIT Learning
Lotus Gallery demo*, Lotus Corp
Lucas Arts Super Sampler*
MGI Video Wave*
MS CD-Sampler*
MS Extreme w/VHS tape*, Microsoft
MS Interactive Sampler*, Microsoft
MS NT Disk 11 Development Program*
MS Office 97 demo*, Microsoft
MS Smallbiz*, Microsoft
MTV club disk*,
Manage Schedules Contacts*, Now Sofwtare
Maxis CD-ROM Sampler*
Microsoft Knowledge Base*, Microsoft
Microsoft VIDEO for windows*, Microsoft
Monster Truck Madness*, MicroSoft
Monty Python & Holy Grail*, 7th Level
Multimedia Worksshop*, CompuServe
Multimedia and CD-ROM*, Multimedia PC
Newt for Windows NT, Walnut Creek
PC Battle Beast 7th level*
PC CopyCenter, Parsons
PC Gamer v2.4 Apr 95*
PC Gamer v2.5 May 95*
PC Gamer v2.7 July 95*
PC Gamer v2.9 Sept 95*
Reseller News Max*, ACMP Technology
SWFPCUG Articles, ME McCoy
Science Sleuths*, Videodiscovery
Simtel for DOS, Walnut Creek
Simtel for Windows, Walnut Creek
Slackware Linux*, Morse
Sound expression*, BOCA research
Star Treck*, Spectrum Holybyte
Street Atlas USA v4.0, DeLorme
Street Atlas USA*, v5.0 DeLorme
Streets & Trips, Microsoft
Streets Plus*
Teacher 2000, Walnut Creek
TechNet Jun 95*, Microsoft
The Merchant shopper*
The PC-SIG Library, PC-Sig
Tour Disk Adaptec EZ-SCSI 4.0*, Adaptec
Tracer*, 7th Level
Treasure Quest Continuous Running Trailer*
Treasure Quest The Soundtrack*
UFO for windows*, Software Mkting Corp
Virgil Reality*
ViruCide Plus 5.0*, Parsons Tech
Visual J v6.0*, Microsoft
Vivid 3D Sound Enhancment*, Nureality
Windows 95 Demo*
Windows 95 Resource
Windows 98 2nd edition*, Microsoft
Windows 98 2nd edition, Microsoft
Windows ME, Microsoft
Winstone Win PC bench*, PC Magazine
Year 2000 Resorce*, Microsoft
Year 2000 Resource, Microsoft

VHS Tapes

Access advanced, ViaGrafix
Access intermediate, ViaGrafix
Access, ViaGrafix
Advanced WordPerfect*, LearnKey
Basic Computer Litercy*, Diamond
Blockbuster NTSC Video *
Comdex - Bill Gates*, Microsoft
Computer & the Internet, Diamond
Computer Year 2000*, Microsoft
Corel SCSI Video NTSC Format *
Crossties next generation information mgr *
DesignCAD 2d, ViaGrafix *
DesignCAD 3D*, ViaGrafix
HAL-PC Shootout OS/2 vs Windows NT *
How Computers Work *
Inside Microsoft Office*
Learn MS Windows 95, MicroSoft
MS Video for Windows *
MS eXtreme*
MSTV: Soultions in Business*
MicroSoft SGML Author for Word *
MicroSoft Technet Mar 94*
MicroSoft Technet VHS *
OS/2 Warp Advanced*, ViaGrafics
OS/2 Warp Getting Started*, ViaGrafics
OS/2 Warp Internet*, ViaGrafics
OS/2 Warp Multimedia*, ViaGrafics
Office 2000*, MicroSoft
Office 95 Journal *
OnLine Services Internet, Diamond
The Switch Is On, Microsoft *
Windows 95 Traincast #4 tape 1*
Windows 95 Traincast #4 tape 2*
Windows 95 a first look, Diamond
Windows/95 Advanced*, Keystone
Windows/95 Beginning*, Keystone
Windows/95 Installation*, Keystone
Windows/95 Intermediate*, Keystone
Windows/95 Networking*, Keystone
Windows/95 Special Features*, Keystone
Word Perfect 6.1 advanced, ViaGrafix
Word Perfect 6.1 secrets, ViaGrafix
Word Perfect 6.1, ViaGrafix
World Wide Web*, ViaGrafix
dBASE for Windows *
eXtreme*, Microsoft

Items tagged with an * are not normally brought to the meetings. If you would like to review a copy contact your software librarian before the meeting.

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