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Apr thru Jun - 01

  • March 2001 Meeting Follow-up - by Dale Oliver, President - April 2001
  • We had another good presentation this past month thanks to Randy Roberts and Bob Brake from our local Gateway Country store. After the main presentation some additional questions were fielded from the floor...

  • Is a Broadband Connection Right For You? - by Cliff Goeke, Vice President - April 2001
  • Cable modem and ADSL have become very affordable if they are available in your area. The question still remains if the services are a real value for you...

  • April 2001 Meeting Follow-up - by Dale Oliver, President - May 2001
  • Thanks to Cliff's excellent job of moderating our last meeting, we had another very informative Q&A session. Following are some of the things we learned...

  • Microsoft Shortcuts - by Cliff Goeke, Vice President - May 2001
  • Covers Micorsoft Word 97, Excel 97, Internet Explorer 4/5, and Windows 98...

  • Rumors, Hoaxes, or Myths - by Cliff Goeke, Vice President - June 2001
  • Have you ever received a message claiming that if you didn't forward it to everyone on your ICQ list bad things would happen?

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    Jan thru Mar - 01

  • My CDROM is Unreadable - by John Clark, WebMaster - January 2001
  • Those four little words may give one heart murmurs, if not that at least a bad case of depression...

  • PartitionMagic 6.0 From PowerQuest - by E. Stanton Maxey, M.D. - January 2001
  • Members will remember the excellent program Gene Barlow from PowerQuest presented at our May 2000 meeting entitled "Tools to Manage Your Hard Drive". PowerQuest has just recently announced version 6 of Partition Magic and Gene has provided us a copy for review....

  • Price Comparison Engines - by Dale Oliver, President - February 2001
  • Most of us are price conscious to some extent. It's nice to know what a"fair" price is for an item we are interested in purchasing...

  • Windows Freeware Editors - by John R. Clark, WebMaster - February 2001
  • Atlantis is a freeware editor that will handle Rich Text Format (.RTF) files while Edit Pad is a replacement to note pad, but has a lot nicer features...

  • President's Column - by Dale Oliver, President - March 2001
  • The February meeting was another good learning experience, as those of you who attended will (hopefully!) agree.

    We discussed the physical features of internal fixed disk drives, what fragmentation is and how it occurs. Much of our time was spent on the finer points of file system maintenance, how and when to do it, and what exactly can be done to keep your file system in top shape. Here's what we collectively decided after a lot of interactive discussion...

  • Windows Scripting Software - by Dale Oliver, President - March 2001
  • If you are a more curious or experienced computer user and you want to learn about some neat ways to write Windows script files that actually go beyond the capabilities of DOS batch files in many ways to help you automate potentially complex tasks in Windows, then keep reading...

  • To Buy New or Refill - That is the Question - by Charles Blanchard - March 2001
  • Whether tis nobler (better) to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous prices when buying new ink-jet printer cartridges or to take arms against a sea of ink and buy refilled cartridges for your printer, there are two aspects of the question...

  • Two Software Recommendations - by John R. Clark, WebMaster - March 2001
  • A free word processing program and a highly recommended file manager...

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    Oct thru Dec - 00

  • Windows Me - A Review by Joe Schork, President - October 2000
  • I will try to convey my experience in setting up and using the new Windows Millennium. The first thing I did was cross my fingers, the reports had me worried. Next thing was to make sure all programs were closed. I then went to the system tray...

  • Windows CAB Files - by Dale Oliver, Vice President - October 2000
  • One of the questions that came up during the September Q&A session that was not covered in particular depth--but is quite helpful to know about -- is Windows CAB files. I'll discuss the basics of what they are and how they are used...

  • DriveCopy 3.0 From PowerQuest - A Review by Pat Kennedy - October 2000
  • Powerquest's DriveCopy 3.0 is a program that copies an entire hard drive (operating system, applications, and data) to another hard drive or can be used to copy only selected partitions. It supports most common partition types...

  • How Analog Modems Function & DSL - by John Hunt - October 2000
  • For many years the switched telephone system (the so- called Dialup Network) has limited the bandwidth of transmission to a range of approximately 300 to 3300 cycles per second. This bandwidth is more than adequate for really excellent transmission of voice...

  • DriveImage 4.0 From PowerQuest - A Review by Thornton Jacobs - November 2000
  • The primary use of Drive Image is to backup and restore not only entire partitions but also single or multiple files contained in those partitions. It does this very well. The program is easy to use and very straight forward.

  • A Great Stocking Stuffer Just For You - by John Clark, WebMaster - December 2000
  • Have you ever been confused by the terms like SCSI, SDRAM, RTF, DIMM, GUI, POP, ALU.. Well there is a book for you...

  • Need a DLL? - by Bill Shook, Newsletter Editor - December 2000
  • What in the world is a DLL, you might ask? Ever get a message on boot-up or when loading a program that tells you a .DLL file is either corrupt or missing? You have? Then read on.

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    Jul thru Sep - 00

  • Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) - by John M. Hunt - July 2000
  • DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) is a relatively new method of achieving high speed internet access using the existing twisted copper pair telephone lines which currently provide conventional POTS (Plain Old Telephone Service) from the subscribers premises to the central office...

  • Where Oh Where Did My Data Go? - by John R. Clark, Webmaster - August 2000 Did you ever:
      Rearrange your drives
      Add a new drive
      Add a new partition
      Move your subdirectories

    and find out your old applications will not work due to the fact that they can't find the data...?

  • Audio Mastering and/or Ripping - by John R. Clark, Webmaster - August 2000
  • If I were writing a Sherlock Holmes pastiche, I would title this "The Adventure of the Total Being Less Than the Sum of the Parts." and like Sherlock without the help of the modern Baker Street Irregulars, I could not meet with at least partial success....

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    Apr thru Jun - 00

  • Gigantic Floppy or Slow Hard Drive - by John R. Clark, Webmaster - April 2000
  • My large collection of 5.25" floppy disks is degrading fast. Disks created in the early 1980s are becomming quite hard to read. If I were to save this "valuable" data it was apparent that I would have to do something. ...

  • Hi Diddley Dee It's USB For Me - by John R. Clark, Webmaster - April 2000
  • When I started programming computers there was only one computer class at the university and it had a prerequisite requiring you to be an upper division math major...

  • Telephone Line Quality with Standard Modems - by Grant Wales - April 2000
  • The line that carries the digital signal from your modem to the telephone office in your area is the "lifeline" that most of us depend on for our internet connection. It can contribute noise of various types which can ...

  • Back to School - by Bill Shook, Editor - April 2000
  • Remember Show and Tell when you were a kid? Well, the Show and Tell (S&T) we're going to talk about isn't the same. What we're going to talk about is PC Show and Tell. You'll find it at

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    Jan thru Mar - 00

  • {No Entries for January 2000}

  • Windows 9x Tips - by Various - February 2000
  • Speed up your Internet signon!
    4 Digit Years
    Windows 9x Shutdown and Restart Shortcuts
    Assorted Miscellaneous tips.....

  • Intel's Pentium III - by Charles Blanchard - February 2000
  • The Pentium III is Intel's wonderful new chip that is supposed to double the speed of the Pentium II...

  • PartitionMagic 5.0 From PowerQuest - A Review by John Hunt - March 2000
  • Some years ago a very useful utility called PartitionMagic appeared, which permitted the reassignment of partition sizes and the creation or deletion of partitions, without losing data. This is a review of version 5.0 of that utility....

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    Oct thru Dec - 99

  • Travels into the Land of Y2K - by John R. Clark, Webmaster - October 99
  • With a hundred days to go before the Y2K bug is going to byte, I thought it would be nice to see how it could impact my toys which I have collected over the years...

  • SecondChance by PowerQuest - by Doug MacDonald - November 99
  • "Second Chance" by PowerQuest is a useful utility that helps you to manage your PC without really trying. It is a part of a suite of tools by the same company, all of which are intended to make it easy...

  • Free Internet Service Providers - by Pat Kennedy - November 99
  • You no longer have to pay for good Internet access. Free ISP's are proliferating. If you have a computer with a modem...

  • Did Your Computer Pass the Last Y2K Test? - by John R. Clark, WebMaster - November 99
  • If your computer automagically adjusted for the change from Daylight Saving time, you passed the test. If your clock was adjusted it means your...

  • Y2K Again! - by Betty Davis - November 99
  • Well folks, roughly two months to go! Anyone out there still too chicken to test your computer? For an easy way out, go to

  • Globalink Power Translator Pro - A Review by Joe Schork, President - December 99
  • The Globalink Power Translator Pro is a useful program that translates text from English to Spanish, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese. It also translates from these languages to English. The program is based on Barcelona Technology(tm). ...

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    Jul thru Sep - 99

  • Bittersweet - by Gil Hoellerich - July 99
  • I had a bittersweet experience with JUNO recently. While exporting folders to my zip, I received a message of 'display does not support Palette'. After that I discovered that all my folders were missing...

  • SpellCatcher From Casady & Greene - A Review by Doug MacDonald - August 99
  • Most spell checking software is unobtrusive, functional, and tied to a specific set of applications such as the Microsoft Office suite. "SpellCatcher" from Casady and Greene, Inc. is a little different. It is exactly what its advertising claims: "a universal, interactive spell checker, thesaurus, and shorthand glossary."...

  • Everybody Has A HyperTerminal - by Bill Shook - August 99
  • A Hyper what? True. If you have Windows 95 or 98, you have HyperTerminal, which is a communications program that allows connecting to any other remote communications program that can be set up as a "Host", such as BBSs or even software like Procomm...

  • A Little More HTML - by Dale Oliver - Vice President -September 99
  • It appears that quite a number of our members are interested in learning more about creating their own Web pages. For this reason, I decided to discuss HTML a little bit more...

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    Apr thru Jun - 99

  • Privacy? What Privacy? - by Don Two - April 99
  • No doubt you have heard the furor about Intel's embedding a unique serial number in each new Pentium III chip which can be used to identify your computer anytime you reach a site on the Internet...

  • Paint Shop Pro 5 - A Review by Dale Oliver - April 99
  • It has been a long time since I have enjoyed using a software package as much as Paint Shop Pro 5. In reviewing Paint Shop Pro 5 I have managed to end up finding more fascinating features to keep me occupied for hours on end...

  • {No Entries for May 99}

  • Privacy Revisited - by Don Two - June 99
  • Surely many of you remember or have at least heard of P. T. Barnum. He was the early 20th century impresario who promoted Tom Thumb, Jumbo (the world's largest elephant), and other curiosities. P. T. was also famous for saying "There's a sucker born every minute!"...

  • Rabbit in a MIME Field - by Ed Maxey - June 99
  • John Clark, our NWA-PCUG Software librarian, fancies all sorts of electronic gadgets. He recently acquired a digital camera, snapped an image of a back yard rodent and emailed it to me. A dentist brother would like to get the picture but his AOL did not seem to receive the image when John's email was forwarded. ...

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    Jan thru Mar - 99

  • NWA-PCUG to the Rescue - by Betty Davis, President - January 99
  • As your new President for 1999, I'd like to say hello to all of our returning members and to our new members. I bid you welcome to the New Year and new computing adventures.

    Have you ever thought of yourself as an adventurer? A real explorer?...

  • Free Software: TaxACT 98 - by Betty Davis, President - January 99
  • Can't beat a deal like that. This is a new program put out by 2nd Story Software, Inc., in Marion, Iowa. It's for Windows 95/98/NT and I'd recommend that you take a look at it. ...

  • Partition Boundaries - by Bill Shook - January 99
  • In helping one of our members restore lost data, we learned that partitioning software utilities sometimes wouldn't work with certain machines where PC makers imaged software on new PC hard drives in a way that the drive's partition table does not match the hardware...

  • Everything You Ever Wanted to Know... or Y2K revisited... - by Betty Davis, President - March 99
  • Just wanted to let you know that while you sleep others are ever alert to future problems. I must tell you that there is a partial answer to the Y2K problem with some cutting edge technology.

  • Lost & Found v1.0 From PowerQuest Corporation - by Bill Shook - March 99
  • Like other products from PowerQuest, Lost & Found is a powerful program that recovers lost data that hasn't been previously overwritten without installing the program on the hard drive.

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    Oct thru Dec - 98

  • Programs, Programs, Programs... - by Doug MacDonald, co-President - October 98
  • Programs, Programs, Programs . . . every club always needs programs, and the NWA-PCUG is no exception. Many folks sit back and think, "Gee, I really don't know enough about computers to give a program." Well, that's probably not true...

  • Photo Recall Deluxe 2.0 from G&A Imaging - A Review by Doug MacDonald, co-President - October 98
  • Photo Recall Deluxe Version 2.0 is an image management system that allows the user to categorize, store, manipulate, and present graphics files in a variety of ways. It is, in essence, a database management system with some useful utilities...

  • PartitionMagic 4.0 From PowerQuest - A Review by Ed Maxey - November 98
  • PowerQuest's PartitionMagic 4.0 and BootMagic are powerful tools which permit one to create multiple partitions on hard drives and selectively boot from any of a number of operating systems (OSs). When installed, BootMagic permits one to choose between such OSs as Windows311, Windows95, Windows98, WindowsNT and Linux...

  • Finding a Modem Initialization String - by Ed Maxey - December 98
  • JUNO was being installed on a new computer and reported that it could not find an initialization string it could use to connect the modem...

  • Daysease Calendar - by Bill Shook - December 98
  • How about custom calendars FREE? Well, not quite free. You have to supply the labor, which isn't much...

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    Jul thru Sep - 98

  • Vacations - by Doug MacDonald, co-President - July 98
  • 'Tis summer, and most folk's thoughts turn to vacations . . . and speaking of vacations, the Internet is an outstanding place to get a lot of information about interesting places to go and things to do...

  • Quarterdeck's Zip-It 4.0 - by Doug MacDonald, co-President - July 98
  • Everyone uses "zip" files. The "zip" compression algorithm is the standard for DOS and Windows-based PCs, just as "TAR" files are the "standard" compression mechanism for Unix (and Linux) operating systems. Quarterdeck's "Zip-It 4.0" is an excellent utility...

  • Stock Ranking by PC - by Bob Frye - July 98
  • With the strong stock market of the last several years, more and more individuals are interested in how they can share in the economic benefits that other investors have enjoyed...

  • Needs and Wants, Again!! - by Betty Davis, Co-President - August 98
  • Yes, I'm back on this kick, so bear with me. The subject of scanners came up recently and I made a statement: It would be nice to have a scanner. Do I want it? Maybe. Do I need it? No...

  • QuarterDeck's DiskClone - A Review by John M. Hunt - August 98
  • In recent years we have seen an almost unbelievable increase in the size and speed of hard drives, accompanied by equally unbelievable reduction in cost. As a result, computer systems often offer hard drives as large as 9 gigabytes ...

  • Driver Ed - by Thornton Jacobs - August 98
  • For most of us the time arrives when that huge hard drive, which we thought would never fill, is bulging and we start looking for a larger one. However, my backup tape drive was too small and too slow...

  • Goldmine 4.0 - A Review by Betty Davis, co-President - August 98
  • This is a contact manager program that covers just about every facet of maintaining a customer contact database. I think that's where the name comes from...a Goldmine of information......

  • Home Essentials 97 - A Review by Charles Blanchard - August 98
  • This software is by Microsoft and is compatible with most if not all Microsoft software products. The slogan after the title is "Get the most out of your home PC". What you receive is a lot for your money. There are 3 CD-ROM's...

  • Corneille au Gratin - by Betty Davis, co-President - September 98
  • That's a fancy way of saying baked crow. I've been eating a lot of that lately. If anyone reads the newsletter (do I sound like Bill Shook?) perhaps you'll remember my last column wherein I sounded rather negative about needing a scanner and color printer. ...

  • DriveCopy 2.0 by PowerQuest - A Review by John Hunt - September 98
  • DriveCopy, like its competitor DiskClone reviewed earlier this year, is a simple and inexpensive program designed to provide a major simplification and automation of the task of moving the installed software base from an existing hard drive to a newly purchased and presumably larger hard drive...

  • A Message from Don Two - September 98
  • I want to share with you, and enlist your aid in, my newest project. Over the past six months, I have started a Computer History Museum. I now have about 40 computers, manufactured between 1975 and 1986. They are all landmark items - demonstrating advances over that timeframe in Technology, Architecture, and Marketing. ...

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    Apr thru Jun - 98

  • For New Users & New Members - by Betty Davis, Co- President - April 98
  • Everyone has to start somewhere. Your PC User Group is there to help. Call, ask questions, whatever...USE IT!

  • Juno Email Problem Solved! - by Don Stevens - April 98
  • Having trouble with Juno telephone numbers "holding"? and you must re-initialize them before EACH DIALUP? Here's the answer! Thanks, Don.

  • Working Addresses Found on the Big Wire - by John Clark, Web Master - April 98
  • Have you ever done a search on the Internet and found an address such as: and wondered what it all means? Take a look.

  • Adobe Photo Deluxe 2.0 - A Review by Bob Frye, - April 98
  • Photo Deluxe is a powerful, but user friendly image-editing program. Besides image editing, it has templates for creating cards, certificates, gift tags, T-shirts, calendars, signs, and labels. Images can also be used for screen savers and wallpaper and easy access is provided to Adobe's Internet site for additional images, projects, and tips.

  • The Jones Center for Families - by Doug MacDonald, Co-President - May 98
  • Beginning in May our regular monthly meetings will be held at the Jones Center for Families. Doug outlines some of the many features and provides directions for those not familiar.

  • MasterBooter V2.4 A Review - by Ed Maxey - May 98
  • Boot from one of six different operating systems with this highly touted shareware boot utility, but it is not for the timid.

  • Juno Tidbits - by Jerry McCollough - May 98
  • Have you ever wondered what the maximum size file is that you can send with Juno? or the maximum # of times you can connect per day? Jerry reveals these answers as well as many other "Juno tidbits".

  • Investment Group Minutes - by Dale Oliver - June 98
  • Witness a good exchange of investment ideas and Internet investment locations, if you're in to that sort of thing.

  • Create A Shopping List - by Bob Frye - June 98
  • Shopping for groceries? This makes it easy (but you still have to pay for them)

  • CleanSweep 4.0 From Quarterdeck - A Review by Doug MacDonald, co-President - June 98
  • CleanSweep 4.0 brings significant improvements to an already excellent product. CleanSweep monitors all program installations and activity and cleanly removes all unwanted programs.

  • Drive Image 2.0 From PowerQuest - A Review by John Hunt - June 98
  • Create a file which is a total replication of the contents of a single partition (Drive Letter), with the ability to handle long file names as well as folders having long names.

  • E-Mail Control & AOL - by Dale Oliver - June 98
  • AOL stems the rising tide of junk e-mails by constantly updating a list of e-mail addresses and hosts which it will automatically refuse e-mail from on behalf of its users. In addition, individual AOL users can add or delete entries from the list.

  • Change - by Betty Davis, co-President - June 98
  • Computer technology changes during the past 5 years are mind-boggling.

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    Jan thru Mar - 98

  • Windows 95/NT Crash Course - A Book Review by Carl Bethea - January 98
  • Published by Mike Murach & Associates, this little book has only 50 pages. It is intended as a quick start guide for people on the job, who do not have time for lengthy study guides or training classes. Toward this goal, the book is a complete success.

  • UMAX Astra 1200S Scanner - by Bob Frye - January 98
  • Scans legal size documents up to 600 x 1200 dpi optical resolution in 30-bit color with a SCSI II interface. Includes the scanner, a SCSI card with five foot SCSI cable, a 12V DC power brick (for scanner power), and two CD-ROMs with online manuals and application software.

  • A Cheaper Alternative.. A Review of Logitech Mouse+ - by Doug MacDonald, Co- President - January 98
  • Compare with Microsoft IntelliMouse, with features like scrolling vertically through long documents without resorting to the vertical scroll bar and much more.

  • Second Copy 97.. A Useful Backup Utility - A Shareware Review by Doug MacDonald, Co-President - March 98
  • Uses 32 bit code, handles long filenames, and can be used with Zip or Jazz drives. And, individual backup "profiles" can be set to run at various intervals or at specific times during the day, or once every so many days. Try it and you'll like it.

  • Delorme Street Atlas USA, Versions 4.0 & 5.0 - Reviews by Charles Blanchard, V. Pres - March 98
  • Let Street Atlas plan your trips, with over 2 million points of interest, Global Positioning System (GPS) with voice navigation and Palm Pilot PDA support. Also prints your maps and makes your reservations.

  • WOW Deluxe Investor 5.0 - A Review by Bob Frye, - March 98
  • Deluxe Investor includes all of the features of Personal Investor (see November '97 review) plus more, making it a better buy than the cheaper Personal Investor.

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    Oct thru Dec - 97

  • Zip Drives and More Of That Ilk.... - by Betty Davis, Vice President - October 97
  • Another mission accomplished, namely backing up to multiple zip cartridges, but not without a couple of fumbles along the way.

  • Lview Pro 2.0 - by Carl Bethea, President - October 97
  • A complete shareware graphics system. It not only has a quick and easy cataloging system, but is a full featured paint program. Take a look.

  • Large Capacity Floppy Drives - by Carl Bethea, President - October 97
  • A discussion of 120 megabyte 3.5" floppies and their price. Are they worth it?

  • Microsoft Publisher 97 by Design - by Bob Frye - October 97
  • A review of Luisa Simone's MS Publisher 97 book. A good book for beginners as well as a reference for the experienced. Luisa discusses the basics and the "how-to's" through project illustrations.

  • Paperwork and Phone Calls - by Betty Davis, Vice President - November 97
  • So you need help? A guide to help you to be prepared when you call for support.

  • WOW Personal Investor 5.0 - A Review by Bob Frye - November 97
  • Window On WallStreet's (WOW) Personal Investor 5.0 is a specialized program for fundamental and technical analysis of stocks and mutual funds. Very comprehensive!

  • PowerQuest Partition Magic 3.0 - A Review by David Hinds, Part 2 of 2 - Nov 97
  • Eliminate FDISK. Add, delete, resize hard drive partitions with the touch of the mouse. (See also part 1 in September 97)

  • MS Office 97 Service Release 1 - by Bob Frye - December 97
  • Fix the well publicized conversion problem between Word 97 and previous Word versions and receive as a bonus 100+ MB ValuPack of application extras such as file viewers, clip art, maps, etc.

  • Drive Image from PowerQuest Corp. - A Review by Doug MacDonald - Dec 97
  • Capture a mirror image of a hard drive or a partition and store in a file for later use. It can be stored on same or different hard drive, Zip or Jaz drives, or even floppies and is useful for recovery or just plain backup.

  • Fun Stuff - by Betty Davis, Vice President - December 97
  • Download and view friends, relatives, or whomever pictures from the net with Photoworks.

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    Jul thru Sep - 97

  • Microsoft Home Essentials 97 - A Review by Carl Bethea, President - July 97
  • Products included are: MS Word 97, MS Works 4.0, Encarta(r) 97, MS Internet Explorer, the MS Network, Greetings Workshop with Hallmark, MS Arcade, and the Internet Gaming Zone

  • Crash Course Excel 95 - A Book Review by Doug MacDonald - July 97
  • Written by Anne Prince and published by Mike Murach and Associates, it's an excellent beginner's book and a good reference for the experienced user. And... the publisher provides User's Groups with a 40% discount off the $15.00 list.

  • Number Please - by John Clark - July 97
  • Though we think we are using alpha characters for addresses, in reality the Internet is all about numbers.

  • Microsoft Photo Editor 3.0 - A Review by Bob Frye - August 97
  • Import images, from disk, CD-ROM, scanner, wherever and manipulate at will: rotate, resize, lighten, whatever.

  • PrntScrn Revisited & One Click PrntScrn in Win 95 - by Bill Shook - August 97
  • PrtSrn in DOS is just one click, but in Windows it's something else again. However, PC Magazine's print utility provides one click PrtScn for Windows 95, with most features also working in NT.

  • Want An Icon In Your Tray? - by Bill Shook - August 97
  • This handy shareware utility lets you put a program's icon in the system tray, including DOS programs, and use any icon available.

  • Running Office 97 vs Office 97 At A Glance - by Bob Frye - September 97
  • A Face Off Book Review on two Microsoft Office 97 books.

  • Why I Don't Use Windows Programs' Self-UnInstallers - by Don Two - Sep 97
  • A long time 3rd party uninstaller user justifies his position.

  • UnInstaller 4.5 For Win 95 and Win NT 4.0 - by Doug MacDonald - Sep 97
  • A Review of CyberMedia's recent update of its popular and award winning UnInstaller.

  • Upgrade...Thoughts About Needs and Wants - by Betty Davis, Vice Pres - Sep 97
  • Do you really need to upgrade? If so, to what extent?

  • PowerQuest Partition Magic 3.0 - A Review by David Hinds, Part 1 of 2 - Sep 97
  • Add, delete, resize, or whatever, your hard disk partitions, at the click(s) of the mouse. (No more Fdisk'ing). (See also part 2 in November 97)

  • Basic Answers - by Ed Maxey - September 97
  • Leukemia in children and electromagnetic field exposure (EMF) and A BASIC program to compute the odds of EMF exposure.

  • Crash Course Word 95 - by Max Beasley - September 97
  • Published by Mike Murach and Associates, this is an excellent beginner's book and a good reference for the experienced user. And, with the users' group 40% discount, is available for $9.00.

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    Apr thru Jun - 97

  • Good Times Virus - A Spoof by Betty Davis - April 97
  • A spoof on the Good Times Virus and supposedly what all it can do to you - from the CIAC.

  • Adding Zip To My PC - by Bob Frye - April 97
  • An experience of a successful Iomega Zip drive installation on a 486

  • Missionary Software - by Rod White - April 97
  • 'File conversion is not exactly like a religious conversion. But a guru is required' Humor with converting a FAX transmission to an AutoCAD screen.

  • - by Ron Koelling - April 97
  • Free E-mail re-direction/forwarding service for life with your own "Bigfoot-4-Life" e-mail address.

  • Norton Utilities V 2.0 for Windows 95 - A Review by Bill Shook - May 97
  • The latest of what is arguably the premier collection of PC utilities. NU2 monitors, protects and fixes a wide range of problems, some before they happen.

  • When Your Computer Needs First Aid 97 - by Carl Bethea, President - June 97
  • Get top performance from your system. First Aid 97 for Windows 95 analyzes, reports, and fixes a wide range of problems. It also includes Oil Change to keep it up-to-date.

  • OnLine Investing - by Betty Davis, Vice President - June 97
  • A collection of Internet investment sites to tap into.

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    Jan thru Mar - 97

  • Street Atlas USA v4.0 by DeLorme - A Review by John Clark - January 97
  • Custom design and print your trip maps. Also email them to anyone having the same program.

  • HOAXES: The Good, Bad, and Just Plain Ugly - by Betty Davis, V. Pres - Feb 97
  • Bombarded with virus notices? Learn how to identify the hoaxes from the real ones.

  • GPS and Delorme - by Ed Lentz - February 97
  • Use Street Atlas USA to plan and print your trip maps and GPS (Global Positioning System) to track your journey on the maps.

  • Corel WordPerfect Suite 7 for Windows 95 - A Review by Bill Shook - February 97
  • Corel's first WordPerfect Suite. Includes WP 7, Quattro Pro 7, Presentations 7 and much more.

  • Tracking the DOW in Quicken 5 - by Bob Frye - February 97
  • Use Quicken 5 to track the DOW and your progress toward it.

  • Windows Draw 5 - by Carl Bethea, President - March 97
  • Rivals Corel Draw with many features like 3D text and graphics, internet graphics, photo editing, web-page design, a drag-and-drop clip art manager, and tons of images, clipart, and fonts.

  • HOAXES Continued... - by Betty Davis, Vice President - March 97
  • Identify a real virus vs a hoax. Contact CIAC (Computer Incident Advisory Capability).

  • MicroHelp UnInstaller 4 - A Review by Bob Frye - March 97
  • A full 32 Bit Windows 95 utility with 6 major clean up tools for removing unwanted software.

  • Bits, Bytes, or Why Do We Get Email We Can't Read? - by John Clark - Mar 97
  • All you need or want to know about bit coding, MIME, UUE, BINHEX and why you can't read certain email messages and what to do about it.

  • From the President - by Carl Bethea, President - March 97
  • As the title implies - a pep-talk from the president on the need for members to speak up with comments, complaints, and suggestions.

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