NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article
by Bill Shook, Editor, September 2001
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Webroot Software Inc. offers special discount on Window Washer.
Webroot Software Inc., http://www.webroot.com, is offering user group members a $5.00 rebate on Window Washer which reports to do the following:

Cleans up Internet trail
Reclaims hard drive space
Protects privacy of bookmarks and Web sites
Keeps documents on temp files, etc. secure

$29.95 - $5.00 = $24.95 your cost (it appears there is no S&H).
Visit http://www.webroot.com/ugrebate.htm to order or download order form for ordering by mail.

CD-R/RW URLs - lots of good information.
At the August 18th meeting Dale mentioned a couple of sites well worth reading on the life span of CDR discs as well as the "care and feeding" of and what to expect from CD-R/RWs in general.

HTML code in all articles since January
Since all newsletter articles on our Website, (http://pcgroup.nwark.com), beginning in January are HTML coded, and the current month articles are generally uploaded by the time the newsletter is received, it'll be a lot easier using the hot links from the Website instead of copying URLs from the hardcopy newsletter.

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