NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article
Announcements - November 2001
by Bill Shook, Editor, November 2001
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Norton SystemWorks Offer.
For a limited time only, Norton SystemWorks 2002 Software Suite of 6 products, a $300 Value, for only $24.99, which includes shipping! Order at http://www.free-irewards.com/cgi- bin/nci/basket.html?id=pmM7D765
If a problem, try:
http://www.free- irewards.com/?sku=608072&store=weather or http://www.free-irewards.com/cgi-bin/weather/software- norton-outofstock.html

Norton products include:
AntiVirus 2002, Ghost 2002, Utilities 2002, CleanSweep 2002, WinFax PRO 2002, Plus Roxio's GoBack 2002 ==============================================

New Sites to the Internet Help column.
The following 5 sites have been added to the Internet Help column on page 17:

http://www.protonic.com, and http://www.nancydoeswindows.com added to the For Help on Just About Anything section. Both are free and provide fast technical help, with nancydoeswindows.com catering more to the beginning to intermediate levels.

http://www.softwareoutlet.com, http://www.overstock.com and http://www.techbargains.com added to the Price Comparison Shopping section. They're worth a try. ==============================================

Set Your Computer to the National Time Standard.
Dr. Maxey says your computer time can be automatically set to the National Time by going to http://nist.time.gov/timezone.cgi?Central/d/- 6/java, a URL provided by John Clark, and downloading and installing the 259K file NISTIME-32BIT.EXE. It provides a "query" to the National time standard. It works great in Windows 98SE and its FREE!

Well, it's that time again.
2nd Story Software has just announced its TaxACT 2001 tax preparation software and asked us to review it. It's the deluxe version and comes with CD-ROM disc, guide and press release kit. Anyone wanting to do your club a favor and review it for the newsletter please contact me. Thanks. Ed.

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