NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, October 2007
Barlows Newsletter - Announcing Acronis True Image 11 Home
By Gene Barlow
User Group Relations

Copyrighted September 2007
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Acronis just announced a significant new release of their top rated backup utility, Acronis True Image 11 Home. It is hard to understand how they could possibly improve on this excellent product, but they did it with dozens of important new features. The product may be ordered now on our secure web site at http://www.ugr.com for just $29 as a download or $33 plus shipping on a CD. The CD includes lots of extra tutorials and guides to help you quickly install and start to use this product on your computer. Order it now and we will ship your copy in the next couple of days.

New Try&Decide Feature: Certain operations on your computer are risky to do, such as opening attachments to your email or installing a software product that you have just downloaded from the internet. Bad things can happen to your computer’s hard drive when you do these tasks. The new Try&Decide feature in True Image sets up a safe area in the Acronis SecureZone, where you can try out these functions without risking damage to your computer. Actions taken in Try&Decide will run in a virtual mode on your computer so that you can test out the actions to see if they are safe and what you want to keep. If you determine that they are safe for your computer, you can have True Image apply these changes to your hard drive. If you do not want these changes on your hard drive, you can tell True Image to throw them away and not apply them to your computer. Now you can try out things on your computer and decide if you want to keep them before letting them change your hard drive permanently.

New Disk Clean-up Feature: This set of hard drive wiping and disk cleanup features has been added to Acronis True Image 11 Home product. Included is a Disk Cleaner feature that lets you totally wipe all traced of your files from a computer hard drive before you sell or donate this old computer to someone else. Simply deleting everything off the old hard drive does not get rid of your personal and private information. File Shredder is another feature now available to let you delete and totally wipe a file from your hard drive. This keeps private information from being found on your hard drive. Finally, a complete set of Disk Clean-up tools are included to keep your hard drive running cleanly and smoothly. A clean hard drive gives you better performance and is less of a security risk to you.

Other New Enhancements: There are many other important new features that have been added to Acronis True Image 11 Home. The following are some of these new features you will find in True Image:

New Scheduler Features – Many new options have been added to the automatic scheduling of your backups. These make scheduling automatic backups must easier to do and more flexible.

Silent Mode Backups – Now, you can run automatic backups in silent mode. Any errors detected during the backup will be logged for you to read later, but the backup will not stop, waiting for a reply from you.

Archive Encryption – You can now have your backups not only protected with a password, but now the backups can also be encrypted to make them much more secure.

Sector-by-Sector backups – In certain situations, you may want to backup both your used sectors on a hard drive as well as sectors that may contain deleted or hidden information. This is now possible with True Image.

Ignore Bad Sectors – When your hard drive is starting to fail, sectors on the drive may fail. Now you can backup the good sectors on your hard drive even if bad sectors are detected.

Search for File in Backup Images – If you want to find a particular file in one of your many backups, but are not sure which backup contains the file, you can now search one or many backups to find the file you are looking for.

New User Friendly Interface – The look and feel of True Image has been cleaned up to make the product easier to use and look more user friendly. The new True Image is a delight to use.

System State Backup – You can now backup just key system files from your computer’s hard drive without backing up all your personal files and folders. This lets you restore your operating system to a clean state without having to restore your entire computer.

Message Level Outlook Restore – True Image now lets you restore individual messages from your Outlook backup folders without having to restore all of your messages.

Acronis True Image 11 Home edition is available from us for only $29 (as a download) or $33 plus shipping (on a CD) at our user group discount price. This is slightly less than the upgrade price through Acronis and you get a full new license of the product and not an upgrade license. If you order the product on a CD, you also get our Perfect Backup Approach tutorial to help you understand the best way to do backups. There is also a step by step starter’s guide for installing and using the product for the first few times. The full Acronis manual is also on the CD for your use. In addition, I try to help my customers when they have questions about True Image, in addition to the normal technical support through Acronis. You can order your copy of Acronis True Image 11 Home from us at http://www.ugr.com. Make sure you use the order code of UGTIH11 when placing your order.

If you are a current user of Acronis True Image, then you will want to get this new release and put all of the new features to work for you. If you have not started a backup plan for your computer, then this is the best product to accomplish this important task on your computer. In either case, place your order today so that you can enjoy this new product soon. If you have any questions about this article or Acronis True Image 11 Home, please send them to gene@ugr.com. I look forward to helping you if I can.

Gene Barlow
User Group Relations gene@ugr.com
PO Box 911600 http://www.ugr.com
St George, UT 84791-1600

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