NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article
by Ron Koelling - April 97
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Have you heard of "Bigfoot.com" yet? Try browsing on over to:
the next opportunity you have while out there in cyberspace, and you'll see all sorts of interesting features ("feetures") offered under the symbol of the big blue foot.

The first "feeture" you might be interested in is the free E-mail re- direction/forwarding service offered by Bigfoot. You are invited to set up your own "Bigfoot-4-Life" e-mail address.

In the process of setting up your Bigfoot address, you will submit the "regular" e-mail address to which you want your e-mail re- directed/forwarded. Once your Bigfoot address account is set up, any e-mail addressed to your Bigfoot address will show up at the "regular" address you gave to Bigfoot.

If and when you change "regular" e-mail servers, or simply go on vacation and have a temporary change of e-mail address, your e-mail that is mailed to your Bigfoot address will follow you to that changed or temporary address. You can re-assign your "regular" e-mail address for Bigfoot any time, as often as you like, and your mail will follow you according to the information you provide Bigfoot.

Now, send out "Change of E-mail Address Notices" to your e-mail correspondents, giving out your new Bigfoot.com address. (Of course you will have confirmed proper operation of your new account prior to this action, right?!) That's the last time you will need to advise any of your correspondents of any change in your e-mail address, assuming they will mail to your Bigfoot.com address.

Other "feetures"? There are many; some are free and some only temporarily free. Browse around and have fun. The search capabilities provided are especially interesting, giving the opportunity to find e-mail addresses, and street addresses. Along side the street addresses are options to display a map that can actually direct you to that address, really! Again, have fun, and enjoy Bigfoot.com.

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