NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, June 2009
BluePack S3
By George Harding, Treasurer, Tucson Computer Society, AZ
The Journal of the Tucson Computer Society, January 2010

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We have so many portable devices these days that itís hard to keep track of which charging cord goes with which device. We certainly donít want to carry all the cords along wherever we go. Often, we forget to check if a given device needs charging. All these problems! BluePack S3 to the rescue!

If you have an iPhone, iPod or a Blackberry, youíll want to have a BluePack S3. Itís a small external battery for charging these three devices and more. In the box is the BluePack S3, a cord with a 3 5 mm plug (for charging the BluePack S3), a USB plug and a wall socket plug. There are three similar cords, one for Blackberry, one for iPhone and iPod, and a third for any device using a micro-USB plug. The Blackberry cord can actually be used on any device with a mini-USB socket for charging, which many MP3 players do.

The box also has three booklets: a Quick Guide, a Warranty Card and a Usage Manual (3Ĺ pages of English, same for 10 other languages). There is also a very nice fabric carrying case with a drawstring for the device and cables.

Charging is with the three-ended cable. It takes a couple of hours to fully charge the device. There is a 3-light indicator and a button on the edge of the device; a press of the button shows all three lights if fully charged, two or one if not.

A built in flashlight is accessed by pressing and holding the button. Once charged, you attach one of the three charging cables to your Blackberry, iPhone, iPod, MP3 player or other device. This will both charge your device and also allow it to play if discharged.

The BluePack S3 is very small, about the size of a deck of cards but half as thick. Itís very convenient to put in a shirt pocket or purse. I found the BluePack S3 very easy to use. I recommend it to anyone with any of the devices it can power. About: BluePack S3 Vendor: Dexim http://www.dexim.net Price: about $66

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