NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, August 2002
Click 'N Design 3D
A Review by Ev Quinnett
Las Vegas PCUG and APCUG Publication Committee Chairperson

Click 'N Design 3D is a program to help you label your CD's. While I didn't have any CD's to label, it was a lot of fun to play around with.

There are lots of graphics included with the program so you can really personalize your CD's and put whatever background or graphic on that you like. There are templates or quick design templates so that you can do one in a hurry. You can make and save your own templates.

The program supports many labels, Avery, Neato, Stomper, Memorex, and Expert to name a few. It has a good many graphics included and you can import graphics from other sources as well.

    Minimum requirements are:

    Pentium 200 MHZ or faster (The box states 200 MHZ and the documentation states 166MHZ)
    Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP
    32 mb of ram (64 mb recommended)
    25 mb of hard drive space. (Additional space if you are going to put all the clip art on the hard drive.

There is also a Mac version of this program available.

The installation is quick and smooth and it brings up the quick design editor the first time you start the program up. The program has a small printed manual and then several help files or small tutorials to guide you through the various phases of the program. The Program retails for $19.99 and is available in many software stores as well as at http://www.clickndesign3d.com.

You can use Click Design 3D with any inkjet or laser printer. It has the templates for several label programs so no matter which one you use I'm pretty sure you would find this program could print it out. I have contacted some of my friends who have CD burners to see what label maker programs they have and checked to see if I could print them out with Click 'N Design 3D and it certainly appears that I can.

Not only can you make labels for your CD's and DVD's, you can do the jewel case inserts, business cards, Zip labels, 3.5" labels, Mini CD's, Video Tapes, Audio tapes, and Jazz drive labels. Not only can you use this program for labels, but you can also work with your Photo's to adjust remove red eye and print them out. You can also design the hubs of the CD should you desire.

The manual is small and easy to read and it is also on the CD in case you lose your printed copy. In summary the program is easy to use and a lot of fun and can do a lot for a small price. If you are looking for a program to print out your CD labels and a little more do take a look at this one.

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