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Daysease Calendar
by Bill Shook, December 98
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How about custom calendars FREE? Well, not quite free. You have to supply the labor, which isn't much.

The program is Daysease, authored by Richard A. Ellington, sysop for ZDU and ZDNet, and is freeware from PC Magazine, Vol 17 No. 21 December 1, 1998.

To quote the article: "Daysease makes printing custom wall calendars or monthly calendars of activities simple. Its flexible interface lets you position and resize a calendar and an image of your choice just about anywhere, on any size of paper supported by your printer. You choose the fonts for each of the different elements on the calendar."

Add and edit holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or any recurring events you like. You can even specify events for calculated dates, such as the third Saturday of each month. Quickly enter daily notes, appointments, or your vacation itinerary, and print the month out easily.

As far as I've used it, it's lived up to it's billing. Any number of images can be entered in one calendar and can be as wide as and above the calendar, behind it (showing through), small in the day blocks, etc. very flexible; however, it only accepts .BMP graphic files. You'll need to convert any others you may want to use, like .PCX, GIF, JPG, etc.

It can be downloaded free at: http://www.pcmag.com\download.

Try it. You'll like it, and the price is right.

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