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The Deals Column
by Bob Click, The Deal Making Man, February 2001
Greater Orlando Computer Users Group
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Attention readers! I have posted a new Web page containing articles I've read in the newsletters I receive that I think people may be interested in. I have asked the authors for permission to post them and you're welcome to download them. [http://www.dealsguy.com] Editors are asked to send the author a copy of your publication if you use their article. I hope to post more, but finding an e-mail address for the authors is often difficult.

Eatin' Some Crow!!
In a past column I commented about a lack of voice tech support from Creative Labs, among others. Glen McLamore from Central Florida Computer Society e-mailed me to say that I was wrong about Creative Labs. He had talked to a technician for advice only a few days before, although he said he had problems negotiating the phone system. He forwarded their phone numbers to me to use. Perhaps I missed what I was looking for, but I did hear a distinct message saying they no longer took voice tech support calls when I tried it last summer. Good to know you can still get help.

More Crow, or Victim of Circumstances??
Last month I wrote about Address.com, a free ISP. I was originally going to write about 1stup.com, but when I looked it over, it was more of a network hosting service for free ISPs so I decided to write about Address.com. 1stup.com closed their doors shortly after I looked it over and I don't know which ISPs they were the network for.

Wouldn't you know, the very day I released my column, unknown to me, Spinway.com closed their doors and they are also a network hosting service for free ISPs, in fact, for Address.com and Bluelight.com. To survive, Bluelight.com bought some of the assets of Spinway.com to continue operating. Address.com emailed me to say they were shut down, but were negotiating for a new network provider. Things happen fast in the free ISP world and I'm sorry for inadvertently giving you a bum steer.

Still Good
Your users group should have received a package of order forms for PowerQuest users group specials from Gene Barlow as mine did. Ask your special offer coordinator about them.

CAD Software For The Price Conscious
Do you own, or know somebody that owns, popular CAD (Computer Aided Design) software? What was the cost for that package? Plenty if they have a certain brand, but I have a cheaper solution if you do that kind of work. According to "Upperspace," DesignCAD will handle that type of drawing needs with ease and it's easy to learn and use. It's also a much better bargain, even at its regular price, but I have a "deal" for DesignCAD. You can actually own "DesignCAD" at about the price for only an upgraded version of that other famous CAD program.

Drawing and editing commands are intuitive and FAST. Drawing shortcuts, such as a right-click for snap and object menus, horizontal and vertical cursor mode, and cursor step sizes, allow you to make faster and more reliable drawings. 3D support is greatly enhanced and animations can be saved in .avi format.

This product offers so much that you should go to [http://www.designcad.com] to get the details. They're offering a great discount from February 1st through March 30, 2001; thanks to Jody Wallace, Public Relations Director. She recommends taking advantage of the "Bob Click Special" from Upperspace to enjoy 40% off your order.

DesignCAD 3000 - normally $299.00 - Bob Click special - $179.40
DesignCAD 3000 combines powerful 3D solid modeling with easy-to-use 2D drafting.

DesignCAD 3000 Express - normally $129.00 - Bob Click special - $77.40
DesignCAD 3000 Express offers easy-to-use 2D drafting and has all the same powerful features of DesignCAD 3000, minus the 3D solid modeling.

ViaPage - normally $49.95 - Bob Click special - $29.97
ViaPage makes designing your personal web page or small business page simple!

Prices are in US funds. Uses Windows 9x/NT4 platform. Not sure about Win2K or ME.

Order by phone/fax/email/mail.
Phone: 800/233-3223 or 918/825-4844
Fax: 918/825-6359
E-mail: sales@upperspace.com
Mail: Upperspace Corp.
600 SE 49th Street
Pryor, OK 74361

Liven Up Your Web Graphics
Caligari Software has introduced "iSpace." At this writing I have purchased it, but have not yet tried it, but I have used Caligari's "TrueSpace," also an excellent product for giving graphics an impressive new look. I'll include some of their description below.

"For web designers and developers who want to differentiate the look of their Web site, iSpace provides a Web graphics tool that enables the creation of stunning 3D graphics. Working with traditional Web design tools, iSpace delivers the full range of 3D capabilities in a familiar drag-&-drop environment. Unlike other 3D tools, iSpace works seamlessly with your main HTML editor (such as Front Page, Dreamweaver or Adobe GoLive) and uses a standard HTML format for input and output of the entire fully formatted page. 3D workspace is revolutionary . . . the rendering results breathtaking."

Check out [http://www.caligari.com] if you want more details on iSpace. I had a better special posted on my Web site that ran out December 15, 2000. However, they agreed to offer my readers iSpace at $199.00, which is $100 off the MSRP, from January 1 through February 28, 2001. Go to [http://www.caligari.com/ispace/is1dg/] to order. It uses Windows 95/98/2k/NT4 platforms. Win ME?? Be sure to check their recommended hardware.

Hey Browser --- Don't Do As I Do --- Do As I Say
Last month I wrote about Conversa's voice powered browser software. Now I'm introducing you to "Ivan," (Intelligent Voice Animated Navigator). I enjoyed their demonstration at Comdex with an "Ivan" walking around the booth. I watched as a demonstrator talked to his browser, asking for various types of Web sites, and even products. The browser responded saying "I'll get that" and listed sites catering to his request. Sometimes IVAN asked for more information.

IVAN is also said to think, understand what word sounds mean, learn your preferences, search by concept instead of just keywords, and is easygoing when spoken to in common everyday language. My wife sometimes tells me she is like that. With her though, I just keep saying "yes dear" to play it safe -- no commands! They say that VoiceSite is the One Voice technology that can actually make your Web site talk and be interactive, and is an easy-to-use Windows-based applet. It doesn't affect your existing HTML code, no tagging or special codes required and it's a GUI interface.

Find out more at [http://www.myivan.com] and [http://www.onevoicetech.com] where there may be free downloadable software, but it looks like PC only. The way they make their money is by registering a company's Web site to their search engine. I believe their browser voice software is free, but you need your own headphones. Check their system requirements. They'll also send disks for your user group if you ask.

When Ya Gotta Go, Ya Gotta Go (More Trivia)
You're walking on the sidewalks of New York and suddenly, you really have to find a bathroom, fast. What do you do - What do you do? I'm not talking about the American Express card for this one though. No, I'm talking about asking the net, that is, if you have a wireless Internet phone with you. Just use it to search out the closest bathroom in about 30 seconds.

Actually, your search is only possible in about a dozen major cities, but I look for the service by YadaYada.com to get better. You can thank [http://www.besttoilets.com] for putting this information together. However, I suppose it will be a while before you could ask about restrooms in YeeHaw Junction, FL. Best to use your "Road Whiz" for that one. You do have a Road Whiz for auto travel, don't you? *Get a Family For Free

My thanks to Lou Harris of Alamo PC Organization Inc., for forwarding this to me through Clark Bird, their editor. It is a news release from Ken McGinnis of Millennia Corporation. Check further, but I only saw it listed for PCs.

"Legacy 3.0 is now FREE! Yes, you read correctly. Legacy Family Tree 3.0, the most comprehensive and easy-to-use family history software, is now free for the taking. This is the entire program. Nothing has been held back and there are no restrictions. Everything is there, from world-class merging, search-and-replace and spell checking, to powerful research logs, reports, and sources.

"Legacy overpowers the competition with an unbeatable feature list. Beginning December 12th, 2000, you can download the Standard Edition of Legacy from our Web site at [http://www.LegacyFamilyTree.com]. There are no strings attached. It is our gift to the genealogy world. Please come to our web site and read all about this great program. You can also read about the new Deluxe Edition that is now available . . . Legacy Family Tree - Changing the World of Genealogy."

That's it for this month. Meet me here again next month if your editor permits. This column is written to make user group members aware of special offers I have found or arranged, and my comments should not be interpreted to encourage, or discourage, the purchase of products, no matter how enthused I might sound. Bob (The Cheapskate) Click [dealsguy@dealsguy.com]. Visit my Web site at [http://www.dealsguy.com] for past columns.

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