NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, September 2006
The Deals Column
by Bob (the Cheapskate)Click, The Dealsguy
Greater Orlando Computer Users Group
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Thanks for your feedback from my remarks last month. I had no negative responses, but I was assured that there probably were some people out there who didn't bother to write me. Probably so, but I appreciated the responses I did receive.

I read an article in Information Week about a disgruntled employee who was alleged to have planted 50 to 70 malicious lines of code, amounting to a "logic bomb," before he left the company." It disabled about 2000 servers and brought the company system to a standstill. After four years, they have still not repaired all the damage. It is titled “The Threat Within” and revealed how much damage a disgruntled employee in an organization can really cause. The accused perpetrator is in court, but that doesn’t change the damages done. Try these URLs to read more about it: http://www.informationweek.com/showArticle.jhtml;jsessionid=RQI5JLK20L2XUQSNDLPCKHSCJUNN2JVN;?articleID=188703447

I have packed a lot into this column so be sure to check the product Web sites for better information. I cut a lot of description info out to shorten the items. Also, check the Web site’s privacy statements. I have not tried any of these. Be sure to check the information closely.

Get Those Drives & Petitions Back!
DiskInternals NTFS Recovery can scan any physical drive or virtual image. It doesn't make any changes to the drive itself and can be safely used even on the system volume. While scanning the drive, its recovery wizard shows the progress with the number of found files and folders. When the scanning is over, the user can change some disk properties. You can, for instance set up a new cluster size or proceed with the existing one. The program displays all recoverable files and folders in the explorer-like window. A search engine helps find desired files and moves them to a safe location. With DiskInternals NTFS Recovery, you can access files that the system fails to see.

DiskInternals NTFS Recovery v1.5 runs under Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server platforms. A single user license costs $99.95 USD. DiskInternals offers a 15% discount using the link . The coupon code is NTFS-RAJ9-PR. Registration entitles all users to free technical support and minor upgrades. A fully functional evaluation version of the program is available for download at http://www.DiskInternals.com/download/NTFS_Recovery.zip
Product page link: http://www.DiskInternals.com/ntfs-recovery/
Web: http://www.DiskInternals.com

Postal Address: Pacific Business Centre, DiskInternals Research, P.O. Box 34069 #381, Seattle, WA 98124-1069, USA
Fax: 206-984-3919

They did not respond to my message when researching the information so I hope the discount is still good. Also, check close to see if there are any catches with the “fully functional” downloadable copy.

Monitor What The Kids View
Adult Photo Blanker guards computer users from the ubiquitous expansion of pornography and violence in our life. This program not only prevents your children from accessing unwanted websites, but also controls the content of video files and photos loaded into your computer memory from the hard disk. This smart tool monitors nearly all multimedia content. Adult Photo Blanker uses 11 special criteria to reveal objectionable films, websites, images and the like. The program combines this built-in artificial intelligence scanner with the keyword filter, which recognizes unwanted content by specified words, and it is concealed from inexperienced users. Adult Photo Blanker is protected with a password, so if you want to turn it off and watch an adult film, you must use the password you previously specified. It features Block and Safe lists to customize each user settings individually. Each family member can configure options of the program in his/her own way. By the time you read this, a newer version will be introduced.

Adult Photo Blanker runs under Windows 98 (partially) / ME (partially) / 2000 / XP and costs $49.95 (USD.) Users group members receive a 20% discount. Just enter DEAL-LSFQ-GUY where it calls for a coupon when downloading the paid version. A fully functional trial version of the program is available as a free download at http://www.oreware.com/download_prog.php?id_prog=25> (4.09 Mb)

Product page URL: http://www.oreware.com/viewprogram.php?prog=25>
Web: http://www.oreware.com

This Product Claims To Further Improve Your Windows Operation
True Launch Bar gets the best of MS Windows OS and streamlines it for greater comfort of use. Its unique system of switching toolbars and expandable menus gives instant access to files, applications, and settings from the taskbar. In addition, overlay images and skins give the system polish and slick looks. The latest update offers support to Windows Vista. You can also group shortcuts into menus that expand and collapse at a click, or float on top of other windows. The use of Drag-n-Drop helps quickly fill the menus with shortcuts for files and applications, system settings and controls. You can customize its color scheme and add gradients and transparency effects. Its plug-ins will equip your taskbar with a newsreader and the weather forecast. You will be able to monitor resources and network activities, access the address book and control media players.

True Launch Bar v4.0 runs under Windows 98/ Me/ 2000/ XP/ 2003/ Vista platforms. A single user license costs $19.90 (USD). The company also offers a home license for 4 installations priced at $49 USD. All registered users are entitled to free technical support and program updates. Additional plug-ins and skinning libraries are on the company web site. A fully functional evaluation version of the program is available for download at http://download.truelaunchbar.com/install/tlb4.exe. True Launch Bar V4.0 will be available at a 30% discount to user group members on these special links to the order pages: True Launch Bar Personal License: http://www.regsoft.net/purchase.php3?productid=51538&pc=7L0L7 True Launch Bar Home License: http://www.regsoft.net/purchase.php3?productid=53346&pc=7U0I4 Product page link: http://www.truelaunchbar.com

Lets Improve That Password Protection!
Double Password, a new security manager, creates your security token on your flash drive (or other USB gadget, such as an MP3 player, PDA or even a USB-pluggable mobile handset). This device becomes the key to your OS. Double Password makes sure that no one can interfere with the work of your computer or get access to your data. It encrypts your password, which can accompany your security token. No external spy program can intercept your password. This is attained thanks to a special "double-bottom" password, which Double Password applies to protect your computer. This means that you enter one password, but the program remembers another (it remembers it in a special encrypted way, which cannot be seen from the outside).

Double Password offers security levels in low, medium and high. "Low" means all users can get access to your computer. "Medium" means that a user can log into your OS only with the help of a special security token (total security is guaranteed as you resort to the described "double-bottom" password). "High" is similar to "Medium", however in this case you cannot even work if your security token is out.

Double Password runs under Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP. Users group members get a 20% discount using the coupon code YTR79G3 where requested. Discount prices are: Personal license, $29.95; Family license, $79.95 and Business license $59.95.

Product page link: http://www.doublepassword.com/
Web: http://www.refog.com/

This Game Is A Blood-Chiller
From the creators of "Gunner 2" comes a new breath taker called JetJumper. The plot of the game implies that you become the pilot of an outlandish jumping machine equipped with a powerful jet engine. As soon as the jet engine sets the jumping machine into motion, you will have to jump from one platform to another. JetJumper helps you to collect a variety of useful items, which you are sure to come across; gems, magnets, green keys and the like. All these items help you to score and eliminate some obstacles on your way and to get new lives. Magnets help you to collect more gems. Once you have grabbed a magnet, all gems on your way start sticking to you like flies to an adhesive pad. Once you have jumped aside and have fallen from a platform, the game leaves no chance for your JetJumper to survive. During a takeoff, your JetJumper's jet engine exerts a force of thousands of newtons, so only a professional pilot can handle this aircraft.

JetJumper runs under Windows 9x, Me, 2000, XP (DirectX 8.0 or higher required). The game costs $19.95 (USD) and they offer a 10% discount to all group members by using TAB000BL code and this URL: Registered customers are entitled to unlimited game play and a multitude of unlocked levels.

Product page link: http://www.warlockstudio.com/jetjumper.html
A trial version offering 60 minutes of game play, is available as a free download at http://www.warlockstudio.com/download/jetjumper-setup.exe

For more information about the company or games, please visit http://www.warlockstudio.com

That's it for this month. Meet me here again next month if your editor permits. This column is written to make user group members aware of special offers or freebies I have found or arranged, and my comments should not be interpreted to encourage, or discourage, the purchase of any products, no matter how enthused I might sound. Bob (The Cheapskate) Click . Visit my Web site at http://www.dealsguy.com

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