NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, November 2009
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By Bob Click, The Deals Making Man
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Most people have little interest in what you did on your vacation, but I?ll give you a brief run-down on part of what my wife and I did while in Michigan in July. The timing of our family events coincided with a nationally famous event that has been celebrated in Port Huron, Michigan for many years. The Port Huron to Mackinac Island sailboat race attracts people from all over to participate and the town usually ends up with approximately 100,000 people there on the evening before the race starts. It is known as ?Boat Night? and while the celebration is not as wild as it used to be, it is still a night of partying by all.

Port Huron is a medium sized city situated where Lake Huron flows into the St. Clair River. That border river (Sarnia, Ontario on one side, Port Huron, Michigan on the other) is about a half mile wide on average and has a very swift current flowing down the Great Lakes Waterway to empty into Lake St. Clair, which then empties into the Detroit River etc. Black River, a smaller stream, flows through Port Huron to empty into the St. Clair River and is the center of the celebration with many very expensive sailboats tied up during a few days prior to the race, not to mention all the large expensive pleasure boats and yachts also tied up there as part of the celebration. There are three bridges crossing major streets that can be raised to allow larger boats to move up to the various marina stalls, although in some places the smaller boats may be tied up four to a boat slip. There?s easily many millions of dollars worth of sailboats, yachts and pleasure boats docked there.

Boat Night is always what attracts me, and not the start of the Port Huron to Mackinac Island sailboat race the next morning. However, if you are ever in the area during the middle of July, I heartily recommend taking it in. There are also other events that coincide with this event, such as the antique car show and cruise night. Just watching the bridges go up to allow boats to pass through is interesting. I took some pictures that will be on my Web site by the time you read this column. Of course, there are other items that I can?t miss, such as the specially prepared Coney Island hot dogs there, that are not found anywhere else, and you don?t have to visit the Coney Island to get them because other restaurants also feature their own style of those hot dogs containing sauce with 11 herbs and spices (their words). There is also a meat market that makes outstanding link sausages. We always try to bring some of them home to stash in our freezer. I assume many people remember foods like no other where they were born and raised.

Since time was scarce for us, we did miss the (some say world famous) Yale Bologna Festival in Yale, Michigan, which always hosts the ?Outhouse races? (some say outrageous) and the ?Cardboard Boat? races. It was our loss, but we could only spread ourselves so thin and still make our family events.

Why Fix Me If I?m Going To Die Soon Anyway!
Lately I get that impression from a couple of my doctors. I consider them excellent doctors in their specialties, but I?m surprised by the attitude I?ve gotten lately, although they still send me for tests, but I?m not sure how much they look at them. I don?t know if I?ll have a talk with them or simply find new doctors who care, but I hope I?m not ready to kick the bucket just yet, although there?s times when I wonder. Other people my age tell me they have also had that experience. I have already dropped the cardiologist I was seeing because his answers to my questions were always ?In your case, there is nothing we can do.? I don?t think a doctor should take that attitude.

Outlook Express Data Recovery
DataNumen Inc., a developer of data recovery solutions, has released its new product, Advanced Outlook Express Data Recovery (Version 1.0). It enables the users to recover Outlook Express e-mails even if the Outlook Express data (.DBX) files no longer exist. AOEDR can perform recovery in all versions of Microsoft Outlook Express e-mails, and will recover data from any drives or disks (hard disks, flash drives, floppy disks, Zip disks, CD-ROMs, etc.); even in case they are corrupted. AOEDR can also recover a batch of disks. The upper disk size limit for AOEDR is 16777216 TB (i.e. 17179869184 GB).

When will AOEDR prove useful?
- If the Outlook Express .DBX files have been deleted and the Recycle Bin has been accidentally emptied;
- If the Outlook Express .DBX files have been permanently deleted by mistake.
- If the drive containing the Outlook Express .DBX files has been formatted by mistake.
- If the partition containing the Outlook Express .DBX files has been deleted by mistake.
- If the disk has been re-partitioned by mistake, and the drive containing the .DBX files has been lost;
- If drive or disk containing the .DBX files cannot be read due to hardware failure;
- If the drive or disk containing the .DBX files cannot be started/recognized due to corruption in Master Boot Record or other reasons;
- In any case, when the Outlook Express data stored in the local drives or disks cannot be accessed.

Advanced Outlook Express Data Recovery runs under Windows 95/98/Me/NT/2000/XP/2003 Server/Vista/2008 Server. A single-user personal license costs $249.95 US. A 20% discount is offered by using the coupon code DATA-E2OI-TWEN when the user purchases products from our website at http://www.datanumen.com/aoedr/order.htm. Discount will only be good during Nov. and Dec. Both ShareIt.com and RegNow.com will accept this coupon code and apply the 20% discount to the purchaser. Multi-user discounts are available. Further information on the product, as well as its free trial edition, is available at http://www.datanumen.com/aoedr/.

Direct download link: http://www.datanumen.com
Contact information can also be found at http://www.datanumen.com/contact.htm
DataNumen, Inc.
1301 Bank of America Tower
Suite 791, 12 Harcourt Road
Phone: +1-800-998-8826 (US-Toll free)
Fax: +1-800-9917-FAX (US-Toll free)

Need A New 3D Address Book?
Studio V5 Corp. has released 3D AddressBook 2.0, the software that enables users to manage their contacts in an innovative, fun, and easy to use environment combining 2D and 3D views. The software includes plenty of visual and sound effects, such as an explosion on deleting records, record zooming in selection, as well as 4 hours of ambient music. You can choose from 30+ ready to use address templates or easily create a customized address book to fit your needs. You can add or edit fields, sort the data by any field, create filters and reports, or search data quickly and easily. The Notes field will help you track record history and while using the import option, you can directly import the data from well-known applications such as Windows Address Book, MS Outlook, MS Excel, etc.

Main features include:
- Innovative and easy-to-use user interface which gives both 2D and 3D data view;
- Built-in ambient music; - Easy address book creation from a scratch or using one of 30+ templates;
- Customize or add new fields: text, numeric, image, formula, attachments, etc;
- Easy data find using quick or full search;
- Sort data by any field;
- Create, save, and apply customized filters; - Create customized reports for printing;
- Use notes field for record history and to-do items;
- Easy data import directly from MS Excel, MS Outlook, Windows Address Book, MS Access, Comma-Separated text files and more.
System Requirements: Windows XP/Vista, Pentium 1.4Ghz, 256 MB RAM, 32 MB, OpenGL compatible video card, DirectX 8.1 compatible sound card and 500 MB free space.

The price of software registration is $29.95, but a 33% discount is available by using the coupon code ?2AEJ-55PC-VVR3,? valid only during November and December. Product page: http://www.studio-v5.com/3d/db/
Contact: Ana Jovanovic
E-Mail: ana@studio-v5.com
Title: Partner Manager

That's it for this month. I?ll have some more new product announcements on my Web site that didn?t offer discounts. Meet me here again next month if your editor permits. This column is written to make user group members aware of special offers or freebies I have found or arranged, and my comments should not be interpreted to encourage, or discourage, the purchase of any products, no matter how enthused I might sound. Bob (The Cheapskate) Click . Visit my Web site at http://www.dealsguy.com.

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