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Newsletter Articles

Article and Font Information.

Articles are drawn from both NWA-PCUG members and other user group newsletters. All member articles are HTML coded while non-member articles are plain text prior to January 2001. Font characteristics are designed for easy reading; however, the end result is influenced by the user's browser supported fonts and settings. If font face or size is not as desired, for Internet Explorer users it is suggested browser font be set to Arial for Web Page Font and to LettrGoth12T for Plain Text Font, by clicking on Tools, Internet Options, General tab and Fonts (at bottom of box). Also, to set font size, click on View, Text Size, then Medium. For Netscape browser users, set Variable Width font to Arial with Size 12, by clicking on Edit, Preferences, Appearance, then Fonts. Font size can be changed by clicking on View, then on Increase Font, or Decrease Font.


No articles, or any part thereof, may be reproduced in any form without express written permission from NWA-PCUG, except for non-profit organizations such as computer clubs, which may reprint articles not marked "Reprinted with permission.." or "Copyright", provided they are unaltered, the author and NWA-PCUG are acknowledged, and a copy of the issue in which the article appears is mailed to NWA-PCUG, 18861 N. Hwy 112, Springdale, Arkansas 72762-9303.

Articles are selected as a matter of interest to our readers and do not represent any endorsement by NWA-PCUG. Opinions expressed are those of the authors and not necessarily those of our newsletter, editor or user group and no liability can be assumed for any damages that may arise from them.

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