NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, May 2012
Tips and Tricks for Enhancing the PC Visual Display, Part 2
By Bonnie L. Snyder, Member,
Pikes Peak Computer Application Society, CO
BonnieLS21 (at) gmail.com (click to email author)

A quick and easy way to magnify the information on the screen is to hold down the Control key and roll the mouse roller forward. The more you move the roller forward, the larger the display will be come. This feature does not work in all programs, so you’ll have to just try it for each one. Interestingly, in Firefox, the most recent magnification done this way is “remembered” so that when initially magnified with the control key, mouse roller, it will be already magnified. You can lower the amount of magnification by rolling down. This feature works in both Windows XP and Windows 7.

Display Tuner (Dtuner) is really nice freeware for adjusting many facets of the video and audio. When you run it (after installation), an icon remains in your system tray so that you can access it any time you feel the need to make the video display better for the comfort of your eyes. Again, this program works in both Windows XP and Windows 7. http://bit.ly/yJcvO6

Is that mouse cursor just too small? Well, Bigger Cursors can solve that problem. This is another freeware. All you have to do is unzip the cursors into the Windows/Cursors folder and then select the one you want via the Control Panel/Mouse listing. Once chosen, the cursor will remain that way until you wish to change it. This program works in both Windows XP and Windows 7. http://bit.ly/xDcXRV

Next month I will tell you about more display adjustments that will make screen viewing more comfortable for you.

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