NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, February 2011
Buying and Selling on eBay (Part 4 of 5)
Submitted by Gini Pedersen, Instructor,
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Selling an Item on eBay

Every successful seller first becomes a buyer so they can better understand the importance of pictures, descriptions, feedback, shipping and handling policies, payment options, and more.

Following are guidelines for listing an item to sell on eBay:
1. Set up an eBay account. See Registering at eBay on prior handout. You can use the same account to buy and sell on eBay.
2. Go to http://www.ebay.com and log on to your eBay account.
3. Click Sell tab near top of eBay window.
4. Follow directions on the screen.
Note: You will be asked for credit or debit card information plus checking account information. This is the method eBay uses to charge you the appropriate fees for what you are selling.
Important Note:
Ebay charges 2 different fees...
1. Insertion Fee (IF) -- based on your starting price
Note: Your IF is only 50 cents for all Fixed Price starting starting over 90 cents.
2. Final Value Fee (FVF) -- based on your selling price
Note: Your FVF is between 8% and 12% for all Fixed Price sales starting over 90 cents.

Fees listed in this chart apply to most merchandise but not to cars, houses, industrial equipment, and a few other categories.

Above fees apply to Auction-Style listings not to Fixed Price Listings.

Check eBay's Help for details about fees in all categories. To see a current listing of all fees, go to http://pages.ebay.com/help/sell/fees.html

PayPal Fees (paid only by the seller)

Notes About PayPal:
* You pay nothing to set up a PayPal account
* Buyers pay nothing when they use PayPal to pay for an eBay purchase.
* Sellers do pay a fee to PayPal when a buyer uses PayPal to pay for an eBay purchase.

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