NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article
Windows Freeware Editors
by John R. Clark, WebMaster, February 2001
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Atlantis is a freeware editor that will handle Rich Text Format (.RTF) files. You may create them or read them without the use of MS-Word. It is a nice little file that will fit on a floppy. Actually it is under 600K in size. Will let you fiddle with fonts and allows you to input picture files. Atlantis is available at:


Edit Pad is a replacement to note pad, but has a lot nicer features. The primary one is you can work on more than one document at a time. It will fit on a floppy and comes with a 500 Kbyte help file. If you type in an internet address like the one on this page it will automagically make it hot allowing you to click on it and go to the site. There are two versions the Lite version is freeware. So far I have not came close to bouncing against its limits. Both the full version and the lite version may be found at:


I would recommend either of these to Members of NWA-PCUG.

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