NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, August 2005
EndItAll Installation Procedure

by Bill Shook, Editor

There seems to still be some concern on installing EndItAll, so here is how it worked on my system. This will not get into the operation of EndItAll as John's covered that and I'm sure if there are more questions he'll be glad to answer them rcmahq@nwark.com and I'll do the same bshook1019@aol.com on the installation process. Also, note that there is a good help button from the main menu.

The program received from John, EndItAll.exe is a self-extracting file and double clicking on it will begin the install process. But first, I suggest putting this file in its own folder, called something like EndItAll, so it'll be preserved in case it is needed again. Then double click on it and you'll get a program description box; then click on setup and installation will begin with a series of boxes showing where and how it'll be done. Just click 'next' four times followed by a 'finish' click and it'll be installed. It'll be available through 'Programs' from the 'Start'button, but you can also install an icon on your desktop. Navigate with 'Explore' (right click on the 'Start' button) to C:\program files\enditall and double click on it. It'll open up and show you 6 files. Drag the EnditAll.exe file to the desktop with the right mouse button. Releasing it will show a context menu with 3 choices. Select 'make a shortcut'. and you're done. Good luck and holler with any questions.

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