NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, January 2003
Computing Factoids
There are unrelated things I pick up in e-mail that are terrific
but not long enough for an article. Here are two of them
Compiled by Steve Bass, Pasadena IBM Users Group
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Saving Paper? Ha!
I just bought a program (which I think is excellent) called "Cool Edit Pro" from Syntrillium (www.syntrillium.com) which is audio editing and processing program.

The registration card has a box to check that has this amusing statement:

"Yes! Please send me a hard-copy manual. (A complete manual is included on your CD. In the interest of paper conservation, Syntrillium ships hard-copy manuals only on demand.)"

So I can print it out (conserving their paper) or have them send me something that should have been in the box in the first place (conserving my paper, 225 pages for the manual plus 42 pages for the addendum). Since I paid $399 for the program, I think I'll conserve my paper instead of theirs. --Stan Slonkosky

Listen Up and Take Heed!
I always tell people to unplug their PC when working on the insides. It's something I never do. My unsolicited advice? Do it. All the time.

Here's why: I added a sound card to my wife's PC the other day. Easy enough, right? Then, while the system was up and running, I replaced the cover. I've done it that way since I started with PCs in 1983. This time it bit me on the butt. The case cover touched an add-in card and the systemboard fried. Better it should have happened to my PC, you know what I'm saying? -Steve Bass

Steve Bass is a Contributing Editor with PC World and runs the Pasadena IBM Users Group. He's also a founding member of APCUG. Check his Home Office columns at http://snurl.com/homeoffice and sign up for the Steve Bass online newsletter at http://snurl.com/signup

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