NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article
Front Page Experiences
by Grant Wales, December 2001
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There are a few things that took me a while, but trial and error seems a useful way to learn.

Recently, I found a variety of ways to use "Tables" in Front Page to accommodate the 3 popular settings of screen resolutions. Also, that Front Page has a satisfactory way of viewing a page at each of 3 resolutions and in either of the 2 most popular browsers. I haven't found any other web utility that does this right.

The HTML code is still too much for me when laying out a page, so I use Front Page as my WYSIWYG editor, and use its HTML screen to do some patching.

I had difficulty installing a Front Page hit counter -- then came to realize that my installed version of Front Page was corrupted and needed re-loading to re-establish it's ability to transfer data from a web page. Then it worked okay.

I use CuteFTP as my FTP client.

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