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When Your Computer Needs First Aid 97
by Carl Bethea, President - June 97
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If you are using a computer with Windows 95 and you are having problems, you might need First Aid 97. Now when I say you are having problems, I don't mean that you don't know how to use the system or some software installed on it. I mean that you get errors when you try to do something or your system seems to be slower that it used to be, or maybe you can't run one of your programs for an unknown reason. Well, First Aid 97 from CyberMedia is that answer to your prayers. This program is a very simple installation and once installed, First Aid runs a complete series of tests of your system and reports back in easy to understand terms what problems exist on your computer.

So what, you say, you knew you had problems. Don't despair, First Aid 97 does not just tell you what is wrong, it also fixes them or shows you how to fix them. For each problem listed on the report, you simply double click the problem entry and you are taken to a screen listing possible repair procedures in the order of most likely repairs. And you are given the option of following the list of options or just clicking Autofix and watching as First Aid 97 does all the work for you. You will really be amazed as the program attacks errors, and wipes them out. But don't panic, anything that First Aid 97 is not completely sure about, it will ask for your permission, so you don't have to worry about it deleting an important file or program.

The program also has a built in Advisor program that gives you a graphic representation of your desktop on your screen. Just click on any part of your computer, printer, speakers, mouse, or other items, and you are taken to a new series of tests and suggestions that allow you to optimize all the components of your computer and insure each card and part is working at its best.

And once all your problems are fixed and your computer is running well, First Aid 97 installs a guardian program to keep track of any errors that occur as you run your computer and gives you the chance to fix the cause of the errors right on the spot. And finally, to keep the program up to date, First Aid 97 has a separate program called Oil Change that uses your Internet connection to update First Aid upon request.

So if you are having problems with your Windows 95 computer, or you just want to insure that you are getting all the performance that you paid for, get a copy of First Aid 97, and give your computer a tune-up.

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