NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, April 2011
Will Google Take Over the World?
Written by Sandy Berger, Compu-KISS
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My predictions for the year 2011 is that this year Google will get one giant step closer to taking over the world! Well, perhaps, that is a little too strong a statement, but none the less, the rate at which Google is spreading their products and the scope of their reach is almost incomprehensible. I believe that in the coming year Google will become entrenched in even more areas.

The first such area is the operating system area. Those of you who watch the mobile phone market know that the Google Android operating system is now the fastest growing OS in mobile phone history. Google has already introduced their Chrome web browser, which is garnering high usage and praise as one of the fastest and safest web browsers.

Next year Google is poised to introduce their Chrome operating system, which is now in Beta testing. Google has just sent out tablet PCs with the Chrome OS to hundreds of testers. The idea behind the Chrome operating system is to create an OS that works almost completely online. Your tablet PC or small computer will be basically only used to access your online applications and information.

Google is targeting this system to businesses first. The infrastructure is already in place. Gmail is the email program. Google also has many other apps including Google Docs, an online Word substitute, Google Calendar, the iGoogle home page, and many, many more. There are even applications to track financial data, to perform asset management, to increase productivity, and to control sales and marketing. For businesses this will mean lower hardware and software costs as well as lower IT costs. Google will do this with added security and increased productivity. In a world where businesses are looking to save money, moving to the Google world will be very attractive. Once businesses are convinced to move to Google, it won't be long before home users recognize the same benefits.

Google has already reached into the area of health with Google Health, a free online system that lets you organize, track, and monitor, your health information. It lets you manage your health history online and track and monitor personal health and wellness goals.

Google owns YouTube, so it has already made its mark in the video world. Google is also laying fiber optic cable for Internet use through a project called Google Fiber. Google has said that it plans to build a trial fiber network that can move data up to 100 times faster than existing technologies. Trial projects will take place in over 1,000 American communities. If you travel by air this holiday season, you will be able to find free Wi-Fi courtesy of Google in many of the country's airports. Google already has a program called Google Educators in place to help teachers.

These are just a few of Google's major endeavors. As I said, Google has an unbelievable reach, which is going to touch every aspect of our lives. While some might find the spread of Google something to be feared, right now they are creating breakthroughs in many different areas that are making all of our lives better. This will be interesting year to watch Google.

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