NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article
Working with Digital Images
by Grant Wales, May 2002
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Member Grant Wales has established a website, which is a work in progress, of his experiences working with digital images. It covers most everything from selecting a picture to scanning, retouching, displaying, tutorials, the physics of color, images on fabrics, etc. -- many take-away files.

Following are opening comments at his website, http://www.geocities.com/george20032

"If you think the time has come to start working with the pictures that are available to you on your computer, you have come to a good place. This site offers a lot of diverse information that should be helpful to you. This is a bit of a "how-to" site, with a mixture of "what do I use to do that?", blended with "what's this digital image thing all about?"

"To go to a page where you can choose additional pages that describe methods for scanning and processing photos and digital images, click here."

"You've come to a place where there is a collection of tutorials on photos and imaging. This site is new, so it will be undergoing refinements."

Check it out!

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