NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, February 2009
Hewie's Views and Reviews
By Hewie Poplock,
Windows SIG Chair, Vice Pres, Past President, The Central Florida Computer Society (CFCS)
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++++ My iPhone choice
++++ When a Special isnít and really is or My Homer Simpson Moment
++++ New additions to Hewie's Favorites

September, 2008

++++ My iPhone choice

Recently the new iPhone 3G was released. Since I have one of the original units, I watched with anticipation for news about the new units and services. With the release, the faster web speeds was enticing, but spending more for the same service just didnít pass the justification test.

I have decided to keep using my iPhone 2G. (I donít know if that is an accurate description.) There are several reasons for my decision. With the new phones, came an updated operating system, which is a free upgrade for my unit. Even though there were some Apple system-wide down times, I was able to upgrade my unit from version 1.1.4 to 2.0.0 on the release day. I did get some errors and had to try a second time, but it upgraded successfully.

With the upgrade, I have much of the same functionality of the new 3G phones. I can download and install any of the third party programs that are now available. The new 3G is not needed to use them. I will discuss some of those programs in a future column.

I donít have the increased connection speed of the 3G network, but much of Florida is not covered anyway. The I-4 corridor from Daytona to Tampa has 3G coverage, but if I get a few miles off of the Interstate, I will not be able to take advantage of the new speed.

The older unit cannot do GPS, but does access Google maps and I have a separate GPS unit, anyway. Other than it being newer, the iPhone 3G holds no advantages for me to pay an extra $10 for the same service. If I want to keep the 200 per month text messages there is an additional $5, plus the $199 or $299 for the phone. I will keep using my original iPhone.

++++ When a Special isnít and really is or My Homer Simpson Moment

Last month I talked about the 2 Logitech USB optical mice that I bought from 1saleaday for about $5 each plus $5 each for shipping. One of the mice worked great and the other was DOA (dead on arrival). When I e-mailed the seller, they offered to credit my account if I returned the bad one. Thatís nice of them, except the shipping would equal the refund, so I kept the useless unit.

At a tech meeting that I attended (The Tech SIG of CFCS), I talked about the situation and mentioned that the good mouse didnít have a battery and wondered how it worked. Everyone said that it must have a battery. I searched Google for the model to see if I could find a manual. The mice were shipped in plastic zip-locked bags with no documentation or product information.

I not only couldnít find any info, but found that the model was a Canadian unit, and not available in the US. When the good mouse died, I decided to open one of them. I pushed and pulled all of the buttons and cracks and a cover came off. Inside, there was a battery. I replaced the battery and the mouse again was working.

I then retrieved the other mouse from the throw-away box and opened it up. There was no battery inside and inserted the one AA needed. When I connected it to my laptop, the DOA mouse worked! ďDuhĒ was my reaction.

I want to publicly apologize to 1saleaday.com ( http://www.1saleaday.com ). They were generous in offering me a refund and I was being a Homer Simpson by not realizing there should be a battery inside and to check it. I guess thatís why tech support always asks if the computer is plugged in before trying to solve a problem.

++++ New additions to Hewie's Favorites

There are more new sites this issue, because we skipped a month.

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JOLT - Journal of Online Learning and Teaching
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