NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, August 2008
Hewie's Views and Reviews for May 2008
By Hewie Poplock, Vice President, Operations, Central Florida Computer Society
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++++ My upgrade to Microsoft Vista SP1
++++ New additions to Hewie's Favorites

++++ My upgrade to Microsoft Vista SP1
I have been anticipating the first service pack for my two Vista computers. It was recently released, but quickly retracted due to some installation problems. Itís now available through the standard Windows Update Service. A couple of weeks ago I spent the several hours backing up my main system to prepare to upgrade to Service Pack 1.

I installed all of the current updates, which should be done prior to upgrading. Once I did that, I checked Windows Update and SP1 was not listed. After searching Microsoftís Knowledgebase, I discovered that Vista checks your system and if there are potential problems with drivers, it will not be available. There were so many warnings to check all of your hardware and software for SP1 compatibility before downloading a generic version, that I decided not to try updating.

Then The Windows Update Service had 11 updates. The day after installing all of them, I had the notice that Service Pack 1 was ready to download and install. Once again I backed up the entire system. I then activated the update. A message stated that this could take an hour or more. It downloaded about a 65 Megabyte file and started the install. Then it had to reboot to complete the installation. While shutting down, the screen said it was completing Part 1 of three parts, then came the second. It then shut down and rebooted to a black screen. I could see the hard drive light pounding away on the drive.

The black screen never became a screen, but after a while, I noticed a Vista Logo and a graphic that I recognized as part of the screen saver that came up when Vista was waiting for a user to sign in. When I moved the mouse, it went back to just a plain black screen for several minutes, and then the logo showed. I was convinced it was at the log-in screen and waiting for my input. However, I only saw the dark screen.

Since I added an ATI graphics card to the system to support 2 screens, I figured that perhaps the video driver was confused. When I unscrewed one of the monitors and plugged it back in, I saw the sign-in screen, then it faded to black. I decided that it was either safe to reboot or time to restore from my backup.

I shut off the computer and turned it back on. It came up with the log-in screen. When I logged it, I got a scrambled screen, with items where I did not expect them to be, but workable enough for me to get to the ATI Control Center. Once there, I made some changes and I was good to go.

While my update to Vista SP1 worked, the problems that I had could have been unfixable for the novice or a person with little patience. So much for an idiot-proof operating system. Next I have to try the update on my laptop. I wonder what problems await me there. Oh, and I donít know what I gained by updating. I will check on that and get back to you with that information.

++++ New additions to Hewie's Favorites.

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