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NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, October 2012
Internet Help

Please feel free to send any other help related sites to

  • For help with Microsoft Windows and Windows software products:
  • Help on just about anything related to XP operating system:

  • Everything you can possibly imagine related to computers:

  • Multimedia tutorials on over 100 different software applications: (See our April 2000 newsletter)

  • For help on just about anything:, 5594,2673000,00.html
    (10 Technical Support sites) (To research file extensions, search for extension, then click on "Every File Format in the World". Also, many other subjects covered) (how-to's, reviews, tips, forums, newsletters, etc.) (system diagnosis, tips, links, etc.)

  • Tons of freeware and shareware:

  • For 20% Discount on MS Press titles:

  • Price Comparison Shopping

  • Valuable info on Windows processes & security

  • Urban Legends and hoaxes (is virus alert factual or bogus)

  • Grant Wales "Working with Images" site

  • Search sites that search multiple search engines

  • Internet Address Country Codes (& much more info)

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