NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article
Gil Hoellerich, July 99
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Editor's Note: Gil emailed this to me recently and thought some of you might enjoy it.

I had a bittersweet experience with JUNO recently. Have not found the reason for the problem but did get the help I needed from the automated JUNO system to my surprise. I know there are a number of members in the club who use JUNO and so if you need space-filler, you can use my description of the experience, which follows below:

While exporting folders to my zip, I received a message of 'display does not support Palette'. After that I discovered that all my folders were missing. I almost pressed the panic button thinking I had lost all the messages in the folders!! I went to dos and checked on the files in JUNO/user0000 sub and found many foldxxxx.frm files. Using the editor I found these were in text and contained the messages that I had previously had in the folders that disappeared. With the help of JUNO's automated help system, I concluded that the file DIRECTOR.frm had been deleted. To reconstruct this file, I imported the foldxxxx.frm file into the appropriate folder. I still haven't found the reason for it's deletion.

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