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Juno Tidbits
Jerry McCollough, May 98
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The maximum size of a file that you can send over Juno is 60 Kb. The maximun number of times you can connect to juno per day is 12 (per account). In other words, if you and your wife both have an account on juno, then you could connect 24 times (12 per account). The maximum number of files you can send per connect is 15. So, if you connect to Juno and send the maximum size file (60 Kb) and the maximum number of files (15), you cound send 900 Kb per connection. And if you connected 12 times and sent 900 Kb each time, you could sent over 10.5 Mb of information per day.

Although Juno does not allow you to sent attachments or binary files, if you had a picture (or other binary file) and you wanted to send it through Juno, you could encode it as a text file (using uuencode or someother encoding program) and send it in 60 Kb chunks (files), times the number of files (up to 15 per connection), times the number of connections per day (up to 12) , until you had send the complete picture (or binary file).

If an account has been inactive for 6 months it will be closed automatically. So, if you want to keep your account with Juno you need to check it at least once every 6 months.

These are things that Juno will not tell you, claiming that if you knew these things you might abuse you E-Mail account. Bob Rankin (also known as "Doctor Bob") however, feels that the more you know about Juno and its working, the better you can use it. He has a new book out, titled "Juno-Free E-Mail and More" ($14.95), in which he tells you how you can get the most out of your Juno account.

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