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JUNO E-Mail Problem Solved!
Don Stevens, April 98
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The good news is that I can now use JUNO e-mail without major frustrations.

Many have heard that for some time now my Juno e-mail program has not been working properly. Specifically, it stopped remembering telephone numbers that were correctly inserted into the program.

My version 1.38 of Juno worked very well for about six months. Then suddenly one day it stopped being friendly. Every time that I wanted to send or receive mail it was necessary to click into Options/Dialing Options and then fill in three pages of telephone numbers and related information. What a pain!

Naturally, after trying my ideas of possible solutions including reloading from several different disks, I contacted fellow computer club members but to no avail. I spent a lot of time with our local guru, Jerry McCollough, for which I am grateful, but no viable solution resulted. I even copied all appropriate files from a total backup that I had made last fall when Juno was working just fine; again no luck. Oh yes, I also used e-mail to the Juno hot line. Their computer responded very promptly, but provided nothing useful.

Finally, in spite of words of warning, I called the Juno technical support 900 telephone number ($1.95 per minute). The technician, Dave, was pleasant, apparently knowledgeable and did not waste any time. Even his computer, loaded with answers to a myriad of questions, did not know what to do. However, he knew who in his office to ask and after a short interval, he returned with a workable solution for my problem.

Dave walked me through the following steps: Go to the WIN 95 Explorer, then Program Files, Juno, Spool, and Get. Look in both Get and Put to find whether there are any files; if so, delete them! Now do the same investigation and deletion under User. Lastly, for the final time I returned to Juno Options to load the telephone information.

I truly hope this problem does not happen to any of you readers. If it does, remember: persistence pays!

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