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Lview Pro 2.0
by Carl Bethea, President - October 97
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As shareware goes, there are only a couple of titles that have ever really amazed me. But now I must add a new one to that list, Lview Pro 2.0. This program started life as a utility to view collections of various graphic files easily, but it has grown into a complete graphics system. It not only creates quick and easy catalogs, but is now a complete and full featured paint program as well.

As shareware, you are allowed to evaluate this program for 21 days. If you choose to register this program you can visit their web site, http://www.lview.com, or you can print the order form from the help/about section of the program. Either way the cost of registering the shareware is $40, but when you compare this to most good paint programs on the market, you are saving a lot of money. And most commercial paint programs don't include any software for cataloging your graphics.

I cataloged a folder that contained over fifty graphics and the program created the thumbnail catalog complete with file names in less than one minute. That is very fast compared to other programs that I have tried. From the catalog you can just double click any thumbnail size graphic to load it into the paint program. Then just use the zoom tool to magnify the graphic to the level you want, and you are ready to go to work.

All the popular paint tools are included like, airbrush, flood fill, smear and even clone. You get a toolbar on the side of the window for easy access to the tools, and each has subsettings that appear on a toolbar at the bottom of your screen to allow for quick changes. My favorite tool is the airbrush, and it has lots of settings that allow you to have full control. Set the level of opacity and the size of the nozzle, and you can easily add tinting to any part of an image. This allows you to change the color of someone's eyes, or any other changes you wish to make.

You will be just as amazed as I was with the quality of this great program. But if you are not into graphic software, don't worry. It is after all just shareware, and you can uninstall it without spending a penny. Take a look. I think you will like this one.

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