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Microsoft Home Essentials 97
by Carl Bethea, President - July 97
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Thanks to Microsoft, we now have a copy of this program in our software library, so I thought everyone might enjoy a review of this 2 CD package. First, a list of the programs included in the bundle. The program comes complete with a huge list of Microsoft software. The list includes: Microsoft Word 97, Microsoft Works 4.0, Encarta(r) 97, Microsoft Internet Explorer, the Microsoft Network, Greetings Workshop with Hallmark, Microsoft Arcade, and the Internet Gaming Zone. All this for a street price of around $90.

Microsoft Word 97 is the true star of the package, and well worth the purchase price alone. It is the best selling word processor for the Windows family and has filters that allow you to load and edit documents from almost any other word processor program on the market, but it also will load Internet HTML documents and allow you to edit them as well. Add to that, the fact that you can use the grammar and spell checkers on all those documents including again the HTML ones, and you are talking MORE POWER! AHH AHH AHH!

Now throw in Microsoft Works 4.0. This might be said the only weak part of the package. I say this because I think that some people will be confused by the fact that Works includes a weakened version of MS Word. Having two different word processor programs installed, only uses more space on your hard drive. But on the up side, the data base and spreadsheet parts of Works are very easy to use and work well together.

Microsoft Encarta 97 Encyclopedia. Since it was first introduced in 1993, Encarta has won more than 50 awards of excellence, outselling both print and other multimedia encyclopedias. Encarta is a very easy to use encyclopedia, and as with all multimedia it is fun too. More than 30,000 articles and thousands of captivating multimedia images, with more than 1,500 direct links to the Internet are ready to explore. When you find what you need in Encarta, copy and paste the information right into any other Windows programs. Monthly updates available from the Encarta World Wide Web site keep you abreast of scientific advances, world events, people and places-and it's free!

Microsoft Greetings Workshop. This fun family publishing program combines Microsoft with Hallmark to create another easy to use addition to the Home Essentials. Just pick it, customize it and print it. Greetings Workshop is as easy as 1, 2, 3. With a guide to walk you through the process and Hallmark Connections greetings, you are sure to create memorable, meaningful projects in no time. Personalize from more than 7,000 ready-to-print projects or create your own. Greetings Workshop contains more than 4,000 graphics, 200 images, 100 fonts, borders, backgrounds and more. Never run out of things to create. More content is always available online; simply download additional Hallmark Connections designs with a direct connection in the program to the Greetings Workshop World Wide Web site.

Add to all this one of the most popular Web Browsers, two free months of the Microsoft Network, a complete set of games for Windows, and free software for The Internet Gaming Zone, and you can see what a bargain this package really is. Two CDs filled with all this software and only $90. If you are not already on your way to the store, stop by the software shop and take a look at the copy Microsoft sent to the club.

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