NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article
A Christmas Poem
by Rick Levine, December 2001

'Twas the year of 2000, and all through the land
Spread a feeling that things were not going as planned.
The elections were hung by the people with care
In hopes that solutions soon would be there.

The courts were wrestling with the words that were said
While visions of politics danced in our heads.
And Gore in his fervor and Bush on his ranch
Had settled in to this very strange dance
When out of the Net there arose such a clatter:
Whoever is president, it just doesn't matter!

Away to my computer I flew like a flash;
The emails were flying with such a backlash.
They were expressing my sheer dismay at it all
My sense of democracy had taken a fall.
When what to my wondering eyes should appear?
But an email that threw my mind into gear!

It explained to me cycles of planets and stars,
Especially the slow-moving ones out past Mars.
Every twenty years Jupiter and Saturn align.
It's part of heaven's grand design.
When they come together, they signal a change;
A time when values rearrange.
They aligned at the time of Jesus' birth,
And marked a time of change on Earth.

Three astrologers journeyed from afar.
They knew the meaning of that special star.
The email then went on to say
That special star was here today.
It was the backdrop of this year.
It made things all so very clear,
Especially the presidential election mess.
Who really won? We can only guess!
We'll never know; it's plain to see,
So now it's time to let it be.

Forget the elections and the Mercury station;
Let's get on with the holiday celebration!
The events of the race for president
Will take their own course, this is evident.
Meanwhile, we each have our own work to do;
This goes for Christian, Buddhist and Jew,
Mormon, Muslim and Hindu,
There's something each of us can do.

Look close in your life for people near;
Step past your boundaries, past your fear;
Move past your history; let go of your past;
Tell these folks you love them and please tell them fast
For there's no room anymore for hate based on fear
If you don't understand, let me say it more clear:
If we're to live on this planet and survive these days
We're going to have to change our old ways.
Territorial squabbles and national pride
Must once and for all now be set aside.
We must all learn to love in a much bigger way
This is what Jesus was trying to say!

So I say to you all on this most special night:
"Merry Christmas ain't merry if you're ready to fight!
Instead let's be merry and ready to love,
Give thanks to each other and the stars up above!"

Rick Levine is the President and Chief Wizard of StarIQ.com. He has been involved in the technology sector for 30 years. As a Founding Trustee of Kepler College, he is interested in the education of astrologers. As a frequent lecturer at astrology conferences, he teaches about the important relationships between science, astrology and our spiritual traditions.

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