NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article
From the President
by Carl Bethea, President - March 97
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Our next officers meeting is approaching, and as I write this, I am very excited. I have not yet seen the results of our survey taken during the last meeting, but I did get some great feedback from members after the program. I am also excited that our new two-roundtable format was a success. I really feel that we are making some great strides in making our group as open to everyone as possible.

Some of you have heard that the reason for our taking the survey was that membership is down. That is true, but we have only experienced a minor decline in membership. Enough so that we want to know if we are not meeting the needs of all our members, but not enough to worry that our group will be effected any time in the near future. We have a very loyal and solid base of members, but anytime that you see someone leave your membership, you wonder why. That's why we took a survey of our attending members. We want to find out if there are any areas that you feel we need to improve, and we also plan to reach out to previous members and see why they decided not to renew with our club.

One of the main reasons some folks didn't return was the lack of help and information for beginners. We hope that our new beginners roundtable hosted by past president David Hinds will help to fill that void. At our past meeting three members took advantage of the new roundtable and we hope others will join them as the word spreads. Another response given was that the main roundtable would often remain on one topic for the entire time, and not allow others to ask new questions. Our officers have given the President-elect the job of choosing a roundtable chair for each meeting and he took the recommendation to heart at our last meeting, making sure that everyone had a chance to speak during the roundtable.

I have said before that only when the members speak, can we have the club we all want. Thanks to all of you for taking a moment to fill out one of the questionnaires during the last meeting. I promise that all your suggestions will be taken seriously, and hopefully we will have a better club because of it. See you at the meeting.

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