NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, January 2008
Presidentís Corner
By Wes Eckles, Jr., President
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NWA-PCUG has been very fortunate to have a very talented, dedicated, and experienced administrator for President of the User Group. Not only has Bill Moeller led our officers and meeting in a professional manner, he has willingly taken on additional work by preparing and presenting programs at the meetings.

The UG is blessed in having dedicated workers who keep this club going at broad band speed. Joe Schork, not only served as Vice President, but was always on hand to contribute to programs. Give Pat Mc Alister a pat on the back for filling this post for 2008. What would we do without Nancy Denn, Secretary. She will continue to let us know what happened at the last meeting that we missed or slept through in the Newsletter "Secretary Notes". Don Boudeman, Treasurer & Membership Chm., has a thankless job of keeping our finances in order. He greats us and welcomes visitors at the door. The sign-in sheets are always in order. Don has agreed to serve another year in this time consuming job.

I want to recognize the backbones of our club: Webmaster John Clark, who gives us one of the most advanced PCUG web sites in the U.S.; and Bill Shook, Senior Executive Editor and publisher of our NWA-PCUG News Letter. The Morning News and the AR Democrat Gazette do not have any publisher more dedicated than Bill. We have a FIRST CLASS Newsletter thanks to Bill.

Yes, NWA-PCUG has a problem. If you add up the ages of the workers in our user group, the total would be astronomical. We must reach out to the youth of NWA if we don't want to die a sloooow death. Please send me some ideas on how we can bring young men and women into our membership. Ye gads, I'm 81 and Bill and John are no spring chickens. Believe it or not, we go back to a age when there were no PC's. Lets build up our membership in 2008 so all this experience will not go into the waste basket of time.

We are introducing a new feature to our regular meetings. I encourage all members to contribute to Tips of the Month. You have used a program, a utility, or little known trick or feature of Microsoft operating system that has been very helpful. Step forward and tell the group about them. You don't have to prepare a mind boggling presentation or hand out. Just get up and give us the facts, how to use the tip, and where to obtain the utility or program. Your club leadership wants every member to contribute to the meetings.

I will start off the Tip of the Month at the January meeting. I'll present a tip on how to keep track of your web signin and pass words for those many sites you visit. This fool proof method is spyware and virus proof. You won't even lose them if your computer crashes. The method will even help you organize your passwords for interring into a secure program on your computer or CD.

I encourage you to kick off the new year by bringing a visitor who wants to learn more about PC operations and applications.

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