NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, February 2011
President' Corner
by Wes Eckles, President
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If you did not attend the January meeting, you missed a great presentation by our guest speaker, Tom Black.

He made a live demonstration of the Linix UBUNTU operating system. Tom used his 7 year old laptop with only 1.5 gigabytes of memory in the presentation. The speed and response of the old computer were surprising. Discussion of the UBUNTU lasted until 3 p.m. I had to drag him out the door because he was riding with me and I had to get to another appointment. We were followed out the door by members asking questions.

The attendance for this meeting was great. UBUNTU, when downloaded and burned on a CD, will run on your computer from the CD without installing on your computer. This way you can try it out. Go to WWW.UBUNTU.COM to download the operating system. Since the download is quite large, 694 MB, you have an option of ordering a CD.

This operating system can be loaded on a zip drive and can be run on a computer without installing! There are also versions for laptops and a MS Window installer for running along side of MS Windows.

Following are the results of the Program Interest Survey:

NWA-PCUG Interest Survey
1 = 1st
6 = Last place

1 Microsoft free programs and utilities
1 Live review of useful utilities

2 Computer repair utilities

3 Recording video & music on DVD
3 Computer & WEB security

4 Recording music on CD

5 Demonstration of latest SKYPES
5 How to use MS power point
5 Photo Editing
5 Programs that run on zip drives

6 Photo and video slide show

Other interests suggested

How do you get a CD collection on PC?

What is best hardware for blue-ray DVD?

(Fayetteville Library allows check out of 50 DVD's at a time)

How to create WEB page for:

a. Personal use
b. business with checkout.

The February 19th program will be a Q & A. We have invited a number of experts to serve on a panel to help in answering questions. Come to this meeting with plenty of problems to solve.

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