NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, March 2006
Presidentís Corner
by Bill Moeller, President
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We had a great non-meeting in February thanks to the first serious winter storm to hit Northwest Arkansas this season. Letís hope for a kinder and gentler third Saturday of March. Hope you all can make it then.

We are going to slip the meeting schedule by one month to accommodate Mother Nature. Robert Davis will tell us all about the Care and Feeding of our Computers at the upcoming March meeting, we will have the panel discussion on Backup Tools, Procedures, and Practices on April 15, our ever popular Question and Answer session on May 13, and Robert will talk to us again on June 17.

Did I say May 13? Yes, our May meeting is being rescheduled to the 13th from the 20th, and our September meeting is being rescheduled from the 16th to the 23rd because of scheduling conflicts at the Jones Center. Please make the appropriate notes on your calendar, or wherever you keep your memory of such things.

This schedule shift is leaving us one panelist short on the Backup panel. Weíre looking for a volunteer, someone who can bring a personal perspective on backup practices without necessarily knowing all the technical details. Email or call me if you would be willing to do this.

At our next meeting, our Newsletter Editor, Bill Shook, is going to raise the question of internet vs mailed hard copy newsletters. Think about this so that you will be prepared to comment one way or the other. The Board has discussed this question many times in the past, but no action has ever been taken. The Board is ready to make a decision on this, but needs to know your thinking before we do.

See you at the JCF.

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