NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, March 2009
President' Corner
by Wes Eckles, President
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My Pet Peeve
Do you get Email from friends or organizations who Fw::Fw:Fw: everything they read with a mile long list of Email addresses of people you don't know? Does the club or church send you newsletters with all those members Email address in the To: list? People who do this are showing little respect for the security of their friends and members. Once those Email addresses get into everyone's computer, the chance of exposure to "malware" multiplies.

If just one computer receives the Email list and is infected with "spyware", it is possible that the list will be captured for use by hackers. Hackers can direct their "malware" to all of the Email addresses on the list.

The right way to send a list of Emails and protect the receiver from "malware" attack, is to use the feature in all email products called "bcc:", blind carbon copy. In the To: address enter your own Email address or just one of the addresses on the list. If you are "forwarding" some one's email, erase all those Email addresses listed before sending!

Are you receiving special Email from User Group?

Are you listed on the Email page in the back of the NEWSLETTER? If not, Email me at ALERT@IEEE.ORG so you will receive special news and notices. If you are listed and have not received special Email in the past or in February just before the meeting, check to see if they have been going into the spam bucket because they have been sent to more that a few address. Correct this or you will not received premised material.

Tip of the Month (TOM)
Please bring a TOM to the next meeting. Have you found a good utility, program, or service that you thing is great? Can you warn us of a dud that does not work or is very hard to use. Pass on your warning and praises.

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