NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, April 2007
President's Corner
by Bill Moeller, President
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Im sure you have all known managers who never took a vacation because they were afraid the business might get along perfectly well without them. Well, this past month I did, and had that humbling experience. From everything I hear, our March meeting was a very good one, clearly demonstrating that even the President is not indispensable.

While were on that subject, let me mention again that our Nominating Committee Chairman, Kermit Baker, is on the prowl for candidates for club office next year. This has been a rewarding experience for all of us on the Board, but we do get stale after a while and I sense a strong need for new blood. Are you ready?

We have a great meeting coming up this month, with Joe Schork telling us all about Vista now that it is here in the flesh, not just in beta. Then in May David Hinds will moderate a Q&A, and in June John Clark will tell us all about the wonders of all that stuff you can hook up to your computer via the USB connection. In July, if all goes well, I will present an update of whats going on in the world of digital photography.

Have a good one. See you on the 21st.

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