NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, May 2004
The President's Corner - April Meeting Recap
Ron Grigg of Dlux Information Systems on Wireless Home Networking
by David Hinds
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Thanks to Ron Grigg for his interesting presentation on wireless home networking. From the questions asked by the group I got the impression that I was not the only one interested in the topic. In conversation with Ron after the meeting he indicated he would be willing to come back and actually demonstrate setting up a wireless network if there is enough interest from the membership.

We still have a couple of months toward the end of the year for which programs have not been finalized.

Some interest was also expressed about a program on converting VHS tapes to CD and DVD, the equipment required as well as how it is done. Anyone who has experience at this and is willing to present a program or help with a presentation “COME ON DOWN”. Please let a member of the e-board know if you are interested in either or both of these topics.

May’s program will be on digital photography - resolving resolution, so bring your digital camera AND the user’s manual and learn how to achieve better results when you record those memories.

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