NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, May 2008
Presidentís Corner
By Wes Eckles, Jr., President
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I wonder if Joe Schork suffered a hernia, from hauling a computer, audio amplifier, and turntable to the meeting for his presentation "Copying records to your computer for burning to CD's". His demonstration was appreciated by all in attendance.

We had several good tips from the audience following Joe Schork's presentation. I'm glad that our members are joining the activities.


Security Watch on PC magazine pcmag.com reports "that XP SP3 adds nothing substantial for security or features. It is mostly a vast rollup of previous update. It would be a good idea not to go install it as soon as it is available, at least not without a full system backup. Microsoft is facilitating this approach by not making the update automatic for almost 2 months after it becomes available. In fact, there are already reports of problems with systems after the installation of release candidates of SP3, such as Media Center systems to which the banana hack' has been applied not being able to log on to domains". Many who installed SP3 on home edition experienced crashes, blue screens of death, and had to reinstall Windows. A few others reported no problem. The BEST advice is to WAIT until the dust settles.

Since the May meeting will be a Q&A session it would be great if someone who has installed SP3 could relate their experience.

Be sure to put the posters up and invite your friends to come to the May 17th meeting.

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