NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, June 2006
Presidentís Corner
By Bill Moeller, President
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It was a good day, May 13. Any day you learn something new is a good day, and I learned a lot from a lively bunch of folks who had a lot of questions and even more answers. I continue to be amazed by how little I know individually, and how much we all know collectively.

Among the announcements at this meeting was the resignation of our Vice President, Robert Davis. Robert was a real asset, and we are sorry to see him go. Unfortunately, the demands of earning a living are very real, and for Robert this meant he could no longer participate as he would like. Good Luck, Robert. We hope to see you at future meetings whenever the job permits.

Fortunately for us all, Joe Schork answered the call and volunteered to fill the vacancy for the rest of the year. (Joe has previous served as both Vice President and President, and is a Club faithful.) Joe was elected by unanimous consent of all present.

All of our meetings for the rest of the year are scheduled, with Bill Shook all set to tell us this month everything we ever wanted to know about the newsletter but were afraid to ask. This is very timely following our recent discussions of possibly substituting an all electronic version for our traditional mailed-out hardcopy newsletter. With the decision made that we will both retain the hardcopy and continue to post much of the content on our website, Bill will tell us what we have where, and what he goes through to get it there.

Future meetings include a presentation on The Ultimate Boot Disk, by Bill Shook in July; a program on Custom Built Computers by Ray Mattmann of Telecomp in September; and a program on Databases and Spreadsheets by ex President Dale Oliver in October. In between, we will have more of our ever popular Q&Aís,

My thanks to all of you who took copies of the newsletter and club flyers to give to friends and associates who might have an interest in joining us. We have a great organization, and need to do everything we can to get the word out.

See you at the JC on the 15th.

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