NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article
President's Corner - August 2001
by Dale Oliver, President, August 2001
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We had another excellent meeting in July. If you missed this one, you missed some good information about the new website updates as well as in- depth discussions regarding Web browsers, surfing the Internet, storage of temporary Internet files, cookies, etc. If you couldn't attend this meeting, don't despair...we will delve into these topics in more detail during the September meeting, including more details about the mysterious "cookies" and how they work. Be sure to attend the September meeting, and bring your questions!

As a reminder to those who attended the July meeting, and for the information of those who were unable to attend, our first topic covered the latest updates to the NWA-PCUG website. Please be sure to personally thank Bill Shook and John Clark the next time you see them. They have put a lot of time and effort into the recent updates, which now give us online access to every major newsletter article going back through 1997! Cheryl led those in attendance in a round of applause to show our appreciation for a job very well done. Hear, hear!

This is a valuable resource to all of us. I have used the online article repository numerous times to answer questions and solve problems that I've had. The next time you get stumped, the first thing you should think about is going to our website and then clicking on the Selected Newsletter Articles link. Use your browser's find feature to search for a topic or keyword you want to know more about. Bill reminded us that pressing Ctrl+F invokes the find feature--good tip! Don't forget to also look at the sites listed in the Internet Help column at the back of our newsletter for more excellent online information to help you solve your computing dilemmas.

When you view specific articles on our club's website, remember that the colorful and nicely laid out articles were written by NWA-PCUG members. The hyperlinks in these articles allow you to click on them to go directly to the indicated website. Articles with plain text on a white background are written by someone outside of our club. These articles do not have live hotlinks in them, so you will want to copy-and-paste or manually type in any Internet addresses found in these articles if you want more information about that particular topic.

That's all I have to say for now. Thanks to all for your continued support of this worthwhile endeavor we call the Northwest Arkansas PC User Group. I look forward to seeing each of you next month for more camaraderie and sharing of knowledge.

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