NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, August 2004
President's Corner
by David Hinds, President
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Thanks to Ron Grigg of Dlux Information Systems for his informative presentation on setting up a wireless home networking system.

I already had mine in operation, but after hearing his recommendations, I now have the SSID changed, changed from the default password, and disabled broadcast of the SSID and am still able to use my wireless connection on my notebook!!

During the announcement time a program named enditall1 was recommended for use in shutting down all non-essential programs before running scandisk or defrag programs. Below is the URL from which it can be downloaded along with instructions and tips from the website.


EndItAll allows you to easily shut down all non essential programs running on your computer to facilitate software installation, burning CDs or running your ScanDisk & Defrag programs without interruption. It works well on 95, 98, ME, NT 4.0 Workstation and most installations of 2000 Pro. You should download the file and then reboot your machine before you install EndItAll.

Note: Since EndItAll does not stop your screen saver from running, you should turn off your screen saver manually before you run ScanDisk or Disk Defragmenter as the screen saver will interrupt ScanDisk & Disk Defragmenter.

VP Bill Moeller will be presenting the August program on Digital Photography 101. See you at the meeting.

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