NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, September 2009
The President's Corner
by Joe Schork, President
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We had a decent turnout for an August afternoon. Robert Davis gave an excellent presentation about a program called Printmaster. It is an inexpensive program but yet it allows a user to perform a lot of functions. It was a good example of the many things you can do with a program that cost less than $20. Many stores, such as Office Depot and Office Max have a shelf on bin loaded with programs such as this. If any member is interested in purchasing one of these programs, let me caution them to read the box carefully to see what operating systems they work with. I have seen some that will not work with Windows XP or Windows Vista.

Each of our members must have some program that is their favorite and that they have become adept at using. It would be nice if they would offer to show their expertise with the program by giving a short presentation at one of our meetings. Anyone willing to do so, contact Robert or myself. I would be willing to provide assistance to anyone willing to do so. I, for one, am very aware of the difficulty of getting up before a group and presenting a program or giving a lecture. It wasn t that many years ago that I took that step for the first time by teaching a course in Computers at the Jones Center. I was terrified. It wasn t long before I realized the people in the class were more interested in learning what I was teaching, than in judging whether the instructor was struggling or flubbing his lines. It eventually became easier and enjoyable. See you at the next meeting and remember to bring a friend.

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