NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, October 2007
President’s Corner
By Bill Moeller, President
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Looks like we’re in good shape for the coming year—we have a full slate of officers for the election in November, our standing committee folk have all agreed to continue on, and we’re all set to try out a new concept to help the VP in arranging our programs.

We have invited all nominees to attend our next EBoard meeting, scheduled for November 10, for an easier transition into 2008. All past presidents might also want to attend that meeting because one of the things we try to do is plan our programs several months in advance, and that means planning into January and February before next year’s officers are officially elected.

Our meeting this past month—sort of a Q&A with a preset topic—was well attended and generated a lot of comment. I’m sorry to report that collectively we generated more wisdom with respect to avoiding unwanted email than we did with respect to making sure we get the wanted. I am still having problems.

But there is always next month, our regular Q&A, moderated by Bill Shook. Once again I promise to bring at least one question, and ask you to bring all kinds of answers. And remember, our November meeting will be another open discussion. This time the topic will be new computer goodies that get you excited enough that you would like them for Christmas. Please do a little early shopping, at least in the window, so you can alert us to stuff we might be interested in.

See you on the 20th.

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