NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, November 2007
President’s Corner
By Bill Moeller, President
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November—my favorite month. The days get shorter, there is a chill in the air, the leaves turn to gold, and the ink in our checkbooks starts to turn from black to red.

This year there is much to make that red ink flow—Microsoft’s new operating system, an incredible resource hog, will generate the need for more powerful PCs, Apple has raised the ante on cell phones, the FCC has mandated an expensive sea change in television reception, and Sony et al are opening new avenues for expenditure with their now-affordable DSLRs.

But all is not darkness and gloom, as Scrooge would have us believe. There’s a lot of fun stuff out there for us to get for the kids, and for them to get for us. Bring your wish list to this month’s meeting and let’s compare notes on the Christmas goodies.

November is also election month when we get to vote on a fine slate of officers for next year. We are hoping these fine folk, as well as all club past presidents, will be able to attend the next EBoard meeting on November 10 in order to jump start the next club year.

See you on the 17th

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