NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, December 2007
Presidentís Corner
By Bill Moeller, President
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Christmas is nearly here and with it the New Year; and with the New Year, a new President who sounds like heís got some great ideas to keep things going. Iím already busy looking for good tips to share when itís my turn at the podium.

We can expect some good programming this coming year, with our Presidents Emeriti manning the new Ex Officio Program Committee. Each active ex has agreed to be responsible for one program, which means he will either present the program or arrange for someone else to do it. Translation: donít be surprised if you are approached to present a program. We have a lot of knowledge and talent among us; please be prepared to share yours.

Have a good Christmas. See you all in the New Year-- from my new seat in the peanut gallery.

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