NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article
Programs, Programs, Programs...
by Doug MacDonald, co-President, October 98
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Programs, Programs, Programs . . . every club always needs programs, and the NWAPCUG is no exception. Many folks sit back and think, "Gee, I really don't know enough about computers to give a program." Well, that's probably not true. Very few of the folks who have given programs this year are true "experts" (except, perhaps, for those who were trying to sell us something!) I am certainly no expert, but on several occasions I have found myself the only person available. [I guess that's an occupational hazard of being a Co- President . . .]

Some folks think you have to be able to put together a lot of "stuff" in order to give a good program. While graphics and all the "bells and whistles" are nice, they really aren't necessary. The best and most useful programs for our group often do not involve a lot of the "extras." What we really need in a program is someone who wants to lead a discussion on some aspects of using a computer - or on some of the problems you might have had, etc. One nice thing about this group is that it only seems to take a little bit to get a decent discussion going! I guess more of us have something to contribute than we think....

I would bet there are a lot of our members who do something with their computers that would be interesting to the rest of us. I, for one, know very little about genealogy - yet I know that several members of our group use their computers extensively in this kind of hobby. Some of you may manage collections with your computer - stamps, coins, fossilized rodent teeth, whatever! Just knowing what programs you use and how you set them up might be both interesting and valuable for other members to hear about. We have developed a good sized group during this past year who meet after our normal meeting to discuss using personal computers in investing. Charles Blanchard has agreed to put together a program for us in January where he will address some of the issues associated with investing. I am looking forward to it.

In summary, follow the Nike advice: "Just do it!" I can assure you that any effort you make will be appreciated both by the members and by the officers who try to keep the flow of interesting and informative programs coming. Please let any of the officers know if you would be interested in sharing some of your ideas with us. If you think you might be willing to give a program but would like some help in setting it up, we'll be glad to help you there, too.

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