NWA-PCUG Newsletter Article, February 2004
Questions phoned in to the Portland, Oregon Metro Recycling Information hotline
Submitted by Brian Henderson to the 03/10/03 LangaList Newsletter

  • Where can I recycle 600 dresses, several dozen bottles of Jim Beam, a 30-year-old box of Howdy Doody ice cream cones and a few dozen wigs?

  • How can I recycle a couch soaked with blood?

  • How do I dispose of "household" dynamite?

  • Do you have a safe pesticide for the bug burrowing a hole in my husband's arm?

  • What should I do with 100 breast implants that have been removed and preserved in formaldehyde?

  • Can someone from the government come out to my house and smell my living room?

  • Where can I get a permit to burn my house down?

  • How can I dispose of five semi trucks full of inedible marshmallows?

  • What happens when you cut a worm in half?

  • How can I recycle guinea pig droppings?

  • What do I do with a 10-year-old pile of manure?

    ---From The Edge, The Oregonian

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